Monday, January 29, 2007

Shine on pretty fairy

This was the picture I ran across on the web that inspired me to try a new fairy for the FGM list:

Stunning, isn't it? I looked and looked for the right fabrics to use to get the effects I wanted and was not very successful. The planning process for this quilt has been rather intensive! After making a mirror image copy of the pattern, I began to audition fabrics. I finally decided to try different fabrics that would give a feel for sky above and water below.Nothing seemed quite right though. As I tried different ones and even cut one out to start, I kept feeling none were what I really wanted. Note also, the shiny fabrics to the left:

After much thought, I decided to do a gold metallic background. I have transferred the pattern for both images to wunderunder.I then cut out part of the wunderunder and attached it to some silver metallic fabric. I gently peeled back the edges of the wings and turned over about a quarter of an inch and pressed to 'glue' the seam allowance under. That is what I accomplished in five hours of working on this design!
Next I will continue getting all the pieces cut out and turned under, and then 'glue' them onto the gold background. Behind the gold fabric, I have affixed some stabilizer as well, so this will be ready to stitch down, once all the parts are in position.

Hey, Kate...forgive me, but what list do I know you from? Thank you for leaving nice comments btw. You too Sharon. I appreciate the feedback. :)


Sharon said...

Don't faint, Dingy..... but I'm going to leave yet another nice comment. This DreamWatcher concept is AWESOME!!!!!

Alikat said...

It is wonderful to see you working on your Dreamwatcher quilt, Beadee is going to be some act to follow but I can see this one being equally as stunning.