Friday, April 8, 2016

Quarter #2 for FAL: Seven Projects!

Dexter, the wonder pup, is helping me organize my FAL projects for the second quarter.
"Hurry and finish these up so you have more time to play with me!"
For FAL Quarter #2 Projects:
 I have to quilt this quilt:
"My Favorite Things"
And quilt this one:
"My Tweets"
And hand quilt this one:
"Hexagon Quilt"
I need to finish this autumnal themed donation quilt:
 I need to finish this Cathedral Windows Quilt:
I need to work on the blocks for the Folk Art Quilt. I have finished block number eight and am well on my way with block number nine. Perhaps I will finish the rest of the blocks this quarter! I only have six more to go.
There is also that pesky label to make for the U is for Unicorn quilt that I need to get done!

So that makes seven projects on the list for this second quarter. This week, I also found a few more UFO's that I had forgotten about! There is an owl quilt for my oldest son, and the Charlie Brown Christmas quilt. I will save those for another quarter though. 

To be clear, I have these seven projects entered for Quarter #2:
Folk Art Quilt
Cathedral Windows Quilt
My Tweets Quilt
Hexagon Quilt
My Favorite Things Quilt
Label for U is for Unicorn Quilt
Autumnal Donation Quilt

Let the fun begin for FAL's Quarter #2!!!

Happy Sewing Y'all!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Progress Report and another FAL!

I worked on another donation quilt this week. All the fabric was on the "Free Table" at my quilt guild. This one will have an autumnal theme to it and will be a lap quilt size.

I am working on the My Favorite Things quilt. I am embroidering the words onto the top before I sandwich and quilt it.
Last, but not least, I finished another FAL project! I finally got the black renfaire dress re-sized. I had to add a panel in the back. This dress has a lining inside too, so it was rather tricky for me to make it look decent. The fabric is a twill, like the main part of the dress, but of course you can have fifty shades of black and never match a shade!
 Here is a closeup of the back panel I put in:
 Again, it certainly doesn't look like much, but I am not a dressmaker by trade OR hobby! It was difficult for me. Though not perfect, I am pretty happy with how it turned out and will now be able to wear it again.

That is is for this weekend. Happy sewing y'all!

PS: The list of the FAL projects is on my sidebar to the right of my  blog here. There is also the list of finishes there. Finally there is also a link to the FAL information. Here is my first posting about FAL LINK

Friday, February 19, 2016

First FAL of the year!

I finished the first FAL project of the year! This is a pink-a-licious donation quilt done in hot pink, pastel pink and white fabrics. I used a hot pink thread to quilt it too. There are hearts around the outside border and the rest is quilted in a meandering pattern. I hope it brings a smile to someone someday.
I've made progress on other FAL projects too. I am embroidering the lettering on the My Favorite Things quilt right now. Next up will be a BUNCH of machine quilting on My Tweets and My Favorite Things.

I hope the rest of you are happily sewing along too! Bye for now.

PS: The list of the FAL projects is on my sidebar to the right of my  blog here. There is also the list of finishes there. Finally there is also a link to the FAL information. Here is my first posting about FAL LINK

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Cabin in the woods, and more!

I finished the last block for the "My Favorite Things" quilt:

I then proceeded to assemble the whole top:

To finish this top, I will need to fill in some blank spaces. My 'Design Consultant' suggested that I put the title of the quilt in those spaces. I first rolled my eyes as I envisioned cutting out letters and doing needle turn appliqué with a blanket stitch! Oh that would be so very hard to do!!!
Next I thought about using the quilting process to quilt in the words. That would be doable, but it might look odd on the back side of the quilt.
I then thought that perhaps, embroidering the words would work best! I have some other embroidery work on this quilt, so that would actually compliment it quite nicely. I have used Photoshop to show what it might look like:
What do you think?
The other progress I made was with the Folk Art quilt. This is block number eight:
I have not finished anything else that would qualify for the FAL project, but I AM getting closer! Until next time, Happy Sewing Y'all!

Friday, January 8, 2016

The 'Finish-A-Long' begins!

If you read my sidebar you would see that I am not doing a block-of-the-month this year. I have done one or two for several years now. This year I am taking a break and doing FAL instead. What is FAL you ask? FAL is short for Finish-A-Long. Each quarter I will try to finish doing a project. See the link on the side-bar to play along!

I decided to list all my UFO's and see how many can be finished by the end of the year. Each quarter that has something finished, will count towards the drawing for prizes for that quarter! In no particular order, here are the projects that need to be done, hopefully by the end of the year:

"My Tweets" applique quilt - quilt, and bind
 "My Favorite Things" applique quilt - assemble top and then quilt and bind:

"Folk Art" quilt - finish blocks, assemble top, quilt and bind:
Block 7 finished
Hexagon quilt - hand quilt and bind:

Cathedral Windows Quilt - quilt in progress:
Re-size black renfaire dress-will take photos when my camera battery is recharged!

Make three new renfaire hats-will take photo when I find the felt for these.

Finish donation pink pinwheel quilt - blocks are in a pile somewhere, will take photos when I find them!

Make a label for U is for Unicorn quilt.

Goodness, there is a LOT to keep me busy this year!!! I hope you will consider playing along. You have a few days to link up and declare your participation.

Till next time, happy sewing y'all!