Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Lots of Studio Do Do

No, the dogs did not have an accident in my studio! Silly readers. I have made progress in the reorganizing of my studio though. My latest find was a wide plastic drawer storage unit. It has two large drawers and two smaller ones.

When I got it, the top was sagging into the top drawer:
Just the day before, I had seen a video of a man fixing a dent in the fiberglass part of his car. He used boiling water on it to soften it and popped it back into shape.
I thought that might work for this unit too. I used my workout weight to hold down the plastic and poured boiling water on the top. I did this several times, leaving it to cool in between. You can see the progress as the bow reversed itself:

Here is the new unit, in its new home. It is the one on the middle.
Although I overcompensated when bending it back, in the end, it sprung back into perfect shape, almost like new!
One of the drawers had also caved in, in the back. I used another weight to hold it when I poured boiling water on it too. My weights have never had such a workout! hahahaha

I find myself drawn into my studio more and more these days. It is just feeling so nice and inviting! I love stitching and pressing and cutting and planning...and dreaming of new projects. This is on my design wall right now:
It is a block of the month from about two years ago. 
Three done-ish and dozens more to go!

Speaking of getting some work done, I am wondering if any of you have this issue of Quiltmaker magazine for sale? It is the May/June 2013 issue. If you don't want to sell it, would you consider making me a copy of two of the articles? (Is that allowed? I think so, since it is all for private use)

That is the latest. I hope you enjoyed your visit today. Happy Sewing Y'all!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Sketching and Quilting and Thrift Shopping

My apologies for this large photo dump! If you don't have much going on though, I hope you enjoy some of the photos and commentary.
First up is a thrift store find. This was only $6. I haven't decided if I will use it in the studio or use it for all my artist supplies. No matter what, I was tickled to get this yesterday

A recent finish is this flannel quilt. It was my first tied quilt, and my last! Oh my, my fingers took a beating on tying those knots. I used up all the bits of purple I had and paired it with the blue that had started life as a BOM. I made the blue blocks and was to appliqué on them. It just wasn't speaking to me so I un-appliqued the block I had started and made this quilt. It will be a nice cozy donation quilt through my quilt guild.

 I am still doing my sketchbook challenge. I did miss one day, but made up for it by doing two, on another day. hahaha Here are the latest batch of my sketches, starting with my continuation of the alphabet:

After the alphabet, I went back to drawing whatever caught my attention that day. As always, some are meh, some are silly, some are almost good!

My version of Cat/Dog

I took this gorgeous photo outside our back porch. Mother Nature is a far better artist than I am!

This quilt is ready for backing and quilting. I will be working on it this weekend, I hope.

Here is another thrift store find. I think it is a Singer 88 treadle.
I paid $69 for it and allegedly, it works.
 It is in pretty good shape for being around 80 years old.

The dogs are ever a source of amusement. Here Roxy is sneaking under the chair to try and steal Dex's toy:

I found this for sale on a local yard sale group. It was covered in a dirty off white fabric. With The Mister's help, we put a whole new top on it and recovered it in a scrap of tapestry that I had. The base is from an old sewing machine. I love how it turned out.
 I even put two buttons in it.

 Roxy and Loki are helping me in the kitchen. Roxy is actually trying to convince Loki to give her the bone he has by his feet.

Later she was mirroring him and still trying to get that bone.
 She is trying to sweet talk him out of that bone.

 I will end with yet another thrift store find. This is an old metal typewriter table. I will be using it for one of my sewing machines. It is so sturdy! $16 at the thrift store.

That is all for today. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Until next time, Happy Sewing Y'all!