Sunday, August 30, 2015

Disappearing Plates

Oh bad quilter, bad bad bad. I didn't even touch the Dresden Plate blocks this past week. I am just stuck on how to proceed. I tend to go in streaks with machine sewing. Since I want to try to machine sew the Dresden blocks, I need to be in the right mood to sit at the machine. Maybe next weekend.
I am still getting my fabric therapy though. I finished block six of the Folk Art quilt:
I am working on block seven. This is the block maker's drawing:
Instead of making those tiny yellow petals in the middle, I decided to try reverse appliqué. I hope it works. It is very challenging to me!

And this is all I have to share today! Until next time, happy sewing y'all!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Not my good china plates

Another weekend has come and gone and I did nothing with the Dresden Plate blocks. Can you see me? I am hanging my head in shame. I am seriously thinking about cutting off the blanket stitching that I started and doing machine appliqué instead. Because I haven't committed to that, I have done nothing. Perhaps next weekend I will get back to it.

We've been super busy. Last weekend we went to Kansas and played music at a renaissance faire.

That's my son on the left, the Mister in the middle, and me!
We took our RV out for the second time since we bought it back in May:
We had a good time and played well.

I finished the flip flop block for the My Favorite Things August block:

I also finished block six in the Folk Art BOM quilt:
I haven't done much else. The summer is going out with a bang and I've been just a hopping to keep up with things.
I hope you are finding some sewing time too! Till next time, Happy Sewing y'all!

Monday, August 17, 2015

More Paper Plates

We took an impromptu camping trip this weekend so I don't have anything to report this time. See you next Sunday or Monday!
Happy Sewing Y'all

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Plastic Plates

I recently purchased a pair of yoga pants at a local thrift shop. The previous owner was evidently a lot shorter than I am. The hem had been turned up three times and had bands of iron-on hemming tape holding the shorter hem in place.

When I took the hem down, I had to figure out how to get the residue off the pants. I tried so many different ways!!! I washed and dried them on the hottest settings. I soaked them in vinegar. I tried dipping them in ammonia. I even soaked the hems in Goo-be-gone. I tried ironing cloth to them in hopes that the residue would stick to the cloth. Nothing worked though.

Finally I decided to get some trim tape to decorate the hem and at the same time cover up the hem-tape gunk. I found a cute sparkly trim that was the perfect width. I decided to use a product called Steam-a-Seam to attach the trim to the pants before sewing it down. BIG mistake. The iron neared the trim and instantly the tape melted into a gooey plastic gloppy mess! Oh NO! Now what???

I grabbed a bunch of used dryer sheets to clean the goop off the iron. Then I used them to get some of the black off my ironing board. Finally I put one on the pants to get the goop off. Here is what the pants looked like:
Using the hottest setting I not only removed goop but the old hem tape residue came off!!!
Not perfect but nearly so!
I think the trick was that the dryer sheet was thinner than the pressing cloth I previously had tried. It got hotter and the residue could stick to it better. I am just happy I have yoga pants that don't look so tacky!

Next I want to talk about my Dresden Plate Project. I had tried the white thread for my blanket stitching. Remember what it looked like?
Well, I finally tried the black thread and I think this is the way I will be going. I was surprised that it looked as good as it did. (Remember, you can click on any photo to enlarge it for better viewing.)

I am also pushing on with the "My Favorite Things" block borders. Here are the pieces laid out to join around the cake block:
I got row three sewed together too.
I am almost done with this month's block:
I decided the two flip  flops needed jazzing up so I found the seashell material and fussy cut out a few to add to the block.

As you know, I do a lot of work by hand. This is my 'mini' studio:
The purple spiral you can see is a scarf I am crocheting. I found the wooden bowl at the thrift shop too. It makes a GREAT yarn bowl! I have pins, needles of several sizes, threads, a scissors, glue, and projects all surrounding my favorite chair in the living room. I can't just sit still and watch TV. I 'listen' to TV more than I actually watch it with my eyes.

It is super duper hot here in Arkansas. Temps have been in the high 90's with the heat indexes in the hundred teens. Thank goodness for air conditioning. Tomorrow night is my monthly guild meeting. I am looking forward to that. I always get inspired.

So, that's the latest from here! I hope you are enjoying the last weeks of summer. Till next time, happy sewing y'all!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Edge of My Plate

I don't know if I've mentioned that the designer, Cindy, of the "My Favorite Things" BOM is from Minnesota. I spent about 40-some years of my life in Minnesota. Some of the blocks she's designed are so "Minnesotan"! I think this is one of the reasons I like this BOM so much.
Here is my smaller design wall with the July block, from Cindy's pattern, in the center:
Note the two loons to the left? Minnesota state bird. The dark thing to the upper left is my Dad's winter hat...also from Minnesota. So the July block reminds me of cabins on the lakes around Minnesota.
I've also been working on the border prints for these blocks. As I laid out the border pieces, I figured out I had made a mistake on this one! It was supposed to be five inches longer!!! Now what? Ingenuity!!! I added one of those great Minnesota lakes to the bottom! hahahaha
I might add something to embellish this more. The fabric sure seems like a good match though!
Here is a shot of the big design wall today:
 The top row of this quilt is all sewn together:
As I mentioned in a previous posting, there are four triangle sets from each of the border blocks. This makes for a pile of half-square-triangles to press open and trim up! They almost escaped the studio this morning!
I rounded them all up though, and by the end of the day I had this mess all pressed out:
The Dresden Plate project is at a standstill right now. I tried using white floss to blanket stitch the center down. I do not like how it looks though!
I think I will try black floss next. If that doesn't work then I will just do invisible stitches by hand.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood....if you like humidity. It is about 8am and the contractor is cutting tree branches. The ladder was really wobbly and he was up there with a running chainsaw!!!
The branch is now down. You can see we have a lot of trees in our neighborhood. 
The dump truck brought a big load of gravel for the area we are working on.
And now we have our other driveway all re-graveled and a pad is down for the RV.
This week promises to be hot and humid again. I am so glad summer is half over! I am almost giddy, thinking about autumn's arrival.

Till next week, happy sewing y'all!