Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Set of Plates

I finally got back into the studio for a bit! Time went by SO fast! I didn't get to spend as much play-time as I had hoped for, but hey, as busy as our lives are, I will take what I can get. 
I not only got all the blades cut out, (80) I sewed them together and finished four plates. Now I have all six sewn together.

I have two plates attached to the background blocks. One is Lucy's block:
This is Charlie Brown's block and it is ready to sew down:
In the process of all the cutting and sewing, I was also able to make a batch of border blocks that will be used for the "My Favorite Things" quilt.
When I make these pieced blocks, I get four pairs of triangles from each one when I trim off the corners. Instead of tossing these away, I am using them as leaders and enders. I will have a huge bunch of half-square-triangle blocks when I am done. ALL of them will be half white; the other half being either blue or red.
Those little half-square-triangle pieces measure two inches square after they are trimmed up. I hope to do something really fun with them someday. Maybe I will have enough to use as a border around this quilt? We'll have to wait and see.

I seem to have been playing a lot with this quilt this weekend. Besides working on the border/sashing squares, I decided to put up some of the blocks on the design wall:
It gives me a different perspective when I have all this up. This quilt will be bigger than I first pictured it to be. That is a good thing.

That is all I have to show you tonight. I hope you are staying cool where you are. We are in a major heat wave here. I can hardly wait till autumn! Till then, with the AC running, Happy Sewing Y'all!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Paper Plates

I haven't been in the studio because we hit the road for a shakedown cruise with the RV. It was hot. It was a long drive. The generator kept messing up and we almost didn't have air-conditioning! Here in Arkansas and in Oklahoma where we camped, it was in the high nineties during the day with high humidity. Welcome to the south. Thank goodness, where we were staying , they had an outlet we could plug into for the night so we were able to sleep in comfort.

Last week, on July 15,  the "My Tweets" appliqué work was finished! It was strange to go from, "There are only six flowers left to sew down", to "OMG, I am done!!!" I've been working on it for three years. Now for the scary part; I will have to quilt it. I've been practicing with the new quilting machine, Sweetie, and looking at many videos for ideas and inspirations. I shall not rush into this endeavor, lightly!

I hope to be in the studio this weekend and make progress on the Dresden Plates. I will take photos! I promise!

Happy Sewing Y'all!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Empty Plate

I've been trying to get a quilt quilted in time for Monday night's quilt guild meeting. I don't know if I will make it or not yet! What is it about working best under pressure?

I will try to update during the week sometime but if not, I will see you here next Sunday...unless we go camping!

Happy Sewing y'all!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Set Your Plate Down

They say you need to do something for several weeks to form a habit. For the third weekend in a row, I am spending serious studio time! I am LIKING this habit that has been forming over the past few weeks.
I have made it a habit to post on Sundays too. That has kept me on track for the Dresden Plate Project. I like having the 'push' to do a little bit, each weekend. By December, I might even have a quilt top done!
At one point, this weekend, my table had exploded in fabric bits:
I had finished block four of the Folk Art Quilt on Friday night:
Part of that fabric explosion was getting block five ready to go:
I also got the July block rough cut for the My Favorite Things BOM:
I started sewing together my Dresden Plates:
Memories of Grandmother's Fan quilts came to mind as I started. I recalled why I don't do this block more often. It is a challenge to make them come out right! 
I need to be even more careful when I cut out the blades. Accuracy in cutting will make for a nicer looking plate. I did manage to get two done though:
The blue and white square fabrics are the sashing/border pieces for the My Favorite Things BOM.
We had a nice 4th of July weekend. It was just family, good food, and sewing! hahahaha I hope you enjoyed your weekend too. Till next time, Happy Sewing Y'all!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Please Pass The Plates

I can't tell you how much fun it has been for me to spend so much time in my studio these past few weeks. Almost every weekend I've been getting a major sewing fix in! During the week I have been making lots of progress too.
Three more flowers are on the My Tweets quilt:
Only six more to go!
I made some progress on the Folk Art Quilt BOM, finishing block three:
And starting on block four:
I finally got back to finishing the sewing machine block on the My Favorite Things BOM:
This is what it looked like before I added the embroidery work and the presser lift bar:

Another block from the My Favorite Things BOM was this one:
I did the embroidery work to finish it up right:

As the week went on, I have the 'tale of two bobbins' to tell you about. I have been doing lots of work on quilting donation quilts for my quilt guild. With all these quilts to work on, I wanted to wind up all my bobbins so I wouldn't have to stop as often and could quilt more.

I hadn't even finished unpacking all the extras that came with my Sweet 16 quilting machine. I had purchased extra bobbins with the machine. I found the bobbins and went to wind them full of thread. When I opened the package with the extra bobbins, I found that they were missing the slots to thread the thread through!
The first thing I did was to go on eBay and order ten bobbins with slots. The next thing I did was to contact the place where I had purchased my Sweet 16 and asked them why my bobbins didn't have slots in them. They said it was a mistake and they would send out two new ones WITH holes to replace the two I had without.

Fast forward a day or three and the eBay order comes in with the ten bobbins. Yeah! I could wind up a huge bunch of bobbins now.  Only... I couldn't! Half of the bobbins had burrs inside where the slots had been cut. I gave them to The Mister and asked him if he could file the burrs out and he said he thought so. Of course it was put on the "Honey Do List" and I didn't know when it would get done.

I contacted the seller on eBay and said they needed to check their vendor who is supplying them with defective bobbins. Since the total cost was less than $4 WITH shipping, I didn't think anything else would come of it. I was very surprised to get an email from the seller that said they would send out a new batch and a return label for me to send the defective ones back to them! Wow! I thought that was huge for a seller. There is no way to have made any money on our transaction. You CAN bet though, that if I need something they sell, I will check them out first.

Another day and the two replacement bobbins came in from the place I bought the Sweet 16. I opened the package and.............two bobbins................with NO slots! I called them and said "Um, the invoice SAYS slotted but these replacement bobbins do not have slots!" They apologized profusely and said they would send out two MORE bobbins. I was to keep all four bobbins that do not have slots. I was fine with that and in a few days two bobbins arrived and they DID have slots! lol

Phew! Are you still reading this? I am rather long winded tonight. Coming into this weekend I prepared the next step for the Folk Art Quilt BOM:

My design wall looked like this when I left my studio tonight:

I managed to cut a few more blades out for the Dresden Plate Project blocks. I hope to start sewing them together soon.
It's been a very productive week with loads of fabric therapy. I feel good. I think I am ready to teach my yoga class tomorrow morning too. I feel very zen like tonight. I hope you are making a Dresden Plate block too. You only have to make one before December 10th! Post a picture on the Flickr Group page too. The link is in the side bar.

And there you have it! Until next time, Happy Sewing Y'all!