Sunday, August 11, 2019

Dog Gone-it Summertime

Today I am posting about a little bit of everything.
It's been very hot here. This coming week they are predicting several days of 100+ heat. That sounds like good weather to stay put, indoors, and hope the AC keeps working!

Loki is asking me for something. It is probably food. 
How can one resist those pitiful eyes?

I have moved on to book number three of the Sketchbook Challenge for 2019

Here is my first drawing:

I finished the yellow round and have started the red squares on the Cathedral Windows Quilt:

I am making it on point. I will be filling out the corners next. 

I am also making progress on Ringo Lake, Bonnie Hunter's quilt from two years ago:
This is organized chaos!
 I need a bigger design wall.

This is Roxy. She is currently draped over my leg as I am resting our bed.

She is telling me to pet her


"Ah, come on, scratch my belly"

"Look how cute and adorable I am"

"HEY! I said, scratch my belly!"

"Ah, that's better"


In between the times I am giving in to my demanding dogs, I was able to sneak in the making of a Star Block for the latest quilt guild challenge:

Till next time, Happy Sewing Y'all!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

A little bit ouchy, very little bit sewing, and a little bit sketchy,

Life has been a whole lot more challenging than normal here at the homestead. I had a cancer scare and had a suspicious mole removed from my back. It left me with about a two inch scar but thankfully the pathology came back negative; no cancer!

Here are much prettier stitches:
I am almost done with the yellow and will start doing the decreasing rows soon. 
My daughter is already claiming she wants this quilt. lol

I have a few sketches to share. 
It's been ungodly hot here

I did this drawing from one I saw on FaceBook the other day.
Do you recognize this person? I never have thought of myself as much of a face artist. You will see many of my drawings, showing the back of my head, not the front. Though this isn't perfect (what drawing ever is???) I still think it looks a little like the person I was trying to draw. Hint: He was in the news in July.
I hate when I sleep with my mouth open. 
It seems to take forever for the soreness to go away.
And with that, we head out of Book Two and into Book Three! Owl be seeing you there soon! (Get it? lol)

With that, we end today's posting. Till we meet again, Happy Sewing Y'all!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Sketchbook catchup

Here are the latest sketches. Some have extra info with them, some are self explanatory, and some are just markings on paper. All are art. We can all do art.

Turned out it was pre-cancer, but I heard the C word and worried

If you belong to a guild, this drawing makes a lot of sense!

This sketch was from the photo I took, shown below:.

Had the procedure done on this day. The incision is a bit over two inches and isn't too sore. I was glad I was facing this huge window and could watch the clouds while it was going on. I was happier that no cancer cells were found!
This last one is because of politics. I am so afraid for the future of our country. I was also inspired by a work I saw of a French engraver Louis-Henri Breviere, done in 1842. His work was depicting Cholera. I sometimes think of our current country as having a disease that is spreading too.

Okay, enough of the art work. I need to go sew labels on my quilts for the show. I am laid up for a week with the healing process of the Mohs procedure. It will be a good time for hand sewing.

Till next time, happy sewing y'all!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

What have I gotten myself into now???

Is this the mess I have gotten into?
Nope, though it does show the forth time I've had to take the yarn off this loom
 as I try once again to make socks before my yarn dies from yarn rot!

How about this?
It was almost a mess to have gotten myself into. Sadly this 1990's, mostly plastic, machine had been horribly abused, dropped, broken, full of dirt and smoke, and just was not a candidate for refurbishing.  
This was the machine that came with the odd cabinet I got a few weeks back. Even though they are both made by Montgomery Wards the machine is not original to the cabinet. It doesn't fit at all.
I found this label inside the cabinet showing that it is indeed a Montgomery Wards cabinet, possibly from the 1940's. I have tried looking for more information on it, but so far I cannot find anything.

The cabinet is going to be a challenge to repair and make pretty. 
The top is in horrid shape and the bottom edges are in need of a lot of work.
I think I will put a trim around the base, along with wood filler and glue and then paint the whole thing.

This isn't the problem either. It was a free panel off the freebie table at guild. 
It will become an owl apron. I think it is adorable!

 Roxy peers over my shoulder and says, "So what DID you get yourself into?"

 Well Roxy, I did finish the Charlie Brown Christmas quilt.
 And the 2019 Mystery Quilt is completely done.
 This is the back:

 Ok, so perhaps this pile of baggies is what is going to cause trouble? I picked it up off the free table at the guild meeting. It appears to be a quilt, all cut up and waiting to be sewn together, only there are no instructions!!!
 I've laid out the pieces here. It's good I love puzzles.

I also grabbed this off the freebie table. It is a book of about one foot squares of cotton and jute fabric samples. I intend on making purses or wallets with some. This isn't the mess I got myself into either.

THIS is where the trouble lies:
Are you thinking I've lost my mind? I haven't. That letter there, next to the computer is full of the mess I've gotten myself into. It involves these three quilts: 
Folk Art Quilt
My Tweets Quilt 
U is for Unicorn
I have entered all three into a quilt show! I must be crazy. Like many artists, I can only see the flaws and not the beauty of it all. Even though there was an entry fee of $60, and I don't expect any ribbons, I am tickled to just share these three quilts with others. I know I've been inspired by other people's works. Perhaps my quilts will inspire someone too.

So that is the trouble I've gotten myself into. The show is in late September. I plan to go there and take pictures. Now I have to go make labels and hanging sleeves and clean off the dang dog hair. 

Till next time, happy sewing y'all!