Sunday, February 4, 2018

Owl Be Seeing You

I'm so funny, I make myself laugh sometimes. ha ha ha.....ANYway, here is the latest block done for the owl quilt:
If you click on it and look at a larger version, you can see the added 'antenna' on its little horns. I've seen a few owls done with that type of embellishment and I liked it, so I added it to one of mine.

I haven't made much progress on the 'Snow Much Fun' quilt but at least I DID start it. This will eventually be two snowmen and a tree:
 It is being done in flannel. I've never done a flannel appliqué quilt. I doubt it will need batting when I go to quilt it. Flannel tends to be heavy.

I am making super slow progress on the 'Ringo Lake' quilt by Bonnie Hunter. I am still working on step number two. There are hundreds of them!

In fun and happy news, I slew the "Knee-Eating-Monster" that has lived under my sewing machine for the past 20 or so years:
 Do you know what a pool noodle is? It is a firm foam noodle that is most often used in a swimming pool. Quilters, being the industrious types they are, will wrap quilts around noodles to help keep creasing to a minimum when storing their quilts. I got the brilliant idea to use one to cover the sharp edge that has bruised my knee and leg WAY too often!!!
 It was surprisingly easy to cut to size and to slice down the length of it and to slide it over the edge under my machine. This is either a Koala or a Horn cabinet. I can't recall which. I am so happy to not have to worry about hurting my knee anymore!!!
Since Jaye asked, I have added this picture. This isn't exactly my cabinet but the detail that I've circled is about the same. The idea was for a little cubby to keep the manual in or whatever you wanted to store inside that vertical space. Trouble is, I would often bang my left knee against the sharp edge there! The pool noodled has stopped this issue. And I also figured out that it IS a Koala cabinet.  I would agree it should be considered a design flaw. I am not sure if any of the newer styles have the same problems or not.

Here is a game of yarn chicken that I played and won handily. I am making a shawl blanket. It is like a shawl but is used as a blanket to wrap up in on those cold winter days. I have one for the camper too. They work better  for wrapping up in than a full blanket does. You aren't sitting on it as much as you would a blanket.

I started another owl block today. We got a puppy, so I am having to sit around a lot more than usual. Working on the owl blocks has been very rewarding.

That is all for this month. I hope to have made more progress on several projects when I next report. Till then, happy sewing y'all!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Still plugging along

My design wall, Monday morning:
I haven't made any progress on the Ringo Lake quilt. That is the piecing at the top. The heart quilt was changed from a wall hanging to a lap quilt. I donated it to our Outreach program at my quilt guild. The little purple owl it the latest block for the owl quilt I am making for my oldest son. Here is a closeup of that block:
I am working on way too many projects lately. That is just the way I roll. I get bored. Is there a special version of ADHD for quilters and crafters? If so, I am SURE I have that malady. 

Holidays are over, winter is in full swing. Time to work on projects. Till next time, Happy Sewing Y'all!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hey, she lives and is making stuff!!!

I have been terrible about updating my blog this whole year. It's been a tough year and until recently, I haven't felt like doing anything creative, much less sharing my lack of creativity with others. My mojo seems to be finally coming back again though as I gleefully flit from project to project. (I get bored when I stick with just one project at a time)
Camping trip photo of sunrise at Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas
I made this shawl to wrap around me when camping. I used a bunch of scraps to make it. 

I'm still trying to make my first sock. I am in the process of turning the heel right now. I've tried to make this SIX times! Hopefully, after they are done, they fit! hahahaha!!!

This is what happens when you think you have the cake far enough away from the edge of the table but your dog thinks otherwise!
 "I'm innocent I tell ya, innocent!

I crocheted the top of this towel for my oldest son's kitchen. He loves owls.

 Then I liked the idea so much, I crocheted a top for a towel in our kitchen!

 We often have visitors at our campsites.

I made my first book last week!
I printed out pages for a journal at a print shop. Then I bound them together with glue and thread. I found the pictures of the queens from an old calendar I had. I used them on a sturdy cardboard piece and bound the spine with black duct tape. This will be my journal for 2018. I am inspired to make more!

I tried a yarn of the month club for a bit. I wasn't too impressed with it though. I am not sure what I will do with it yet. And what is it with those tiny knitting needles??? I gifted them to a friend to driver HER crazy, instead of me.
They are only about four inches long!

This is a picture taken as I looked out the back window of our camper during one of our trips this year. I forget which park it was at, but I know it was in Arkansas.

I broke down and bought a bag of assorted embroidery floss, because I could. I also like to do random embroidery by hand. I do this in my 'spare' time. hahahahaha!!!

Since I am a glutton for punishment, I decided to do a Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt again. This one is called "Ringo Lake". I just finished part one. Oh my. Why do I do these mystery quilts??? Maybe because I know the end results will be awesome. I also linked up to the Mystery Monday Linkup on Bonnie's blog. Click on my photo below to go to see all the other's progress too!

I am working on another quilt that is a block-of-the-month. Remember the "My Favorite Things" quilt? I am doing this year's quilt by the same person, Cindy of "Quilt Doodle Doodles". This will be a flannel quilt.

We looked at an old house that was for sale. If we had more money, this would have been an awesome house to buy! It needed a TON of work though. Look at their front door though:
Just too cool!

I have lots more going on, but for now this has been enough. I make no promises about keeping 
this blog going, on a more regular basis. 
I will wish what few readers I have left, a very happy holiday season and
"Peas on Earth" to all!
See you next year and happy sewing y'all!

Monday, July 17, 2017

It's too hot...summertime in the south

My son, looking over the vista at a local state park
I loath this time of year in Arkansas. It is so hot and the humidity makes it so much worse. I can't wait till the weather starts to fluctuate again...hopefully by October. lol I used to just stay indoors and quilt a lot, as if it were the middle of winter, and I was snowed in. Not this year. I've been battling depression again and just have not felt like creating much.

Like so many bloggers, I don't like writing when I don't like what I want to write about. I have seen others doing the same. If, for example, you are doing a weight loss blog and you, yourself, are not losing weight, you might go quiet and not write. I want to keep things happy on my blog!

We hold ourselves up to such high standards. When we stop posting, is it because we are letting ourselves down or letting our readers down? Or both? Here I am, almost 63 years old. It feels both SO old and SO young, at the same time! I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life. I just need to find the book that has that chapter written down.

Our family has been trying to camp as often as we can. We found we quite enjoy, getting away from the heat and noise of our town. It is a bit too hot right now, but in a few weeks, we will start going a lot more again.
The Mister, tending the fire
Dexter goes camping with us. He is such a big help when I am taking a break and typing on the computer.

Between camping, some nice spring weather, and the wonders of medicine, I am slowly coming back out of my black hole. I even entered the studio again. I finished another owl block:
 Next up will be a purple owl! I am pulling fabrics for it now:
A sneak peek of the next owl pattern
Getting ready to make blocks for Quilts of Valor!
I found this blank journal at the thrift store a year or so ago. It was covered in real leaves. I sealed it with Modge Podge and then with an acrylic spray. Still not sure what I will do with it, but I am thinking I might make a 'wish journal' or something artsy fartsy. 

I am finally getting around to repairing the rest of my Featherweight table. This is the underside of the table. I used wood glue to glue some of the laminated areas that were separating. After this dries, I will fill the screw holds and put in the new brackets I bought.

I used extra large binder clips to squeeze the layers together. I used painter's tape and a tissue to protect the newly refinished top from damage. (btw, those same binder clips are what I use to stretch the fabric backings for pin basting!)
On the underside, I used a small piece of wood to help put enough pressure on the table to really get it to squeeze together. 
I used this syringe to get the wood glue, deep into the the areas needing to be glued. It came into my possession when my son had dental work done. He would have used it for rinsing. He was given two, so I got the unused one for my studio. I KNEW it would come in handy some day.
Someone asked about my yarn bowls the other day. I have two. One is an old goldfish bowl. I have thoughts to embellish the outside of this, but I am not sure yet. For now, it works fine as a yarn bowl!
 This is my wooden yarn bowl. I found it at the thrift shop. It is a perfect yarn bowl and travels well. I often take it camping with me. It keeps the yarn clean when I am sitting outside, crocheting.
I hope the recent activity in the studio means I am finally coming out of my funk. I've been on a new medicine (about the sixth one we've tried) for almost a month now. I am starting to feel like ... well, like I have feelings again!

Till next time, Dex and I LOVE our readers!
Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy Sewing Y'all! 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fun Times!

I think I will use the excuse that I've been busy, in the studio, and that is why I haven't updated my blog! That is my story, and I'm sticking to it.

I finished the first owl block that I showed you a while ago:

I even did a second one!
In between times, I made up this green block for our quilt guild's block of the month program:
My design wall-mid March:
I got the crazy idea to unravel a sweater I picked up at the thrift store:
I will use the yarn to make something else with

I ended up and unraveled the sock I almost finished last time. It wasn't fitting right. Someday I will go back and try again.

Spring came early here. My daffy's bloomed for a week and are now all gone!
This is the beginning of April's BOM for the guild. I decided to go with Sun Bonnet Sue and friend:
This is a Marti Michell pattern, 
and is available, free online, for personal use.

I finished each block with some hand embroidery:
I hope I win the blocks this month. They are so stinkin' cute!

Till next time, happy sewing ya'll!