Friday, May 25, 2007

In the groove

The last dog block came in today from Leni. VERY well done, indeed! All of the dog blocks put mine to shame! Thank you all SO much for helping out with this worthy cause. :)
The Green and Greener quilt is now pin basted and ready to quilt. I also pulled out the next UFO, Hubby's Music Quilt. That is in the foreground. The blocks are done. I need to decide on the layout and sew it together. Then I think I have border strips cut out too. Funny how fast one forgets what the heck one was thinking! lol
This is a mess. Hard to tell but it is the hats that need hatbands and feathers attached. I am actually working on those tonight.
Here is hubby's finished white shirt and
finished pebble colored shirt...
So that is my report for the day! Tomorrow I will mail out the dog blocks, go to a German Shepherd dog rescue meeting, and I know there was something I needed at JoAnn's but cannot recall what that is yet! lol Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

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Whats New said...

My goodness you have been very busy.
love it