Friday, May 11, 2007

Shine on me!

Wherever you see the sun glinting through the trees, you know Shiny is near. Here she is, sitting in her glowing aura. Her reflection shimmers in a golden pond. Her eyes are closed to the brightness for the moment, as she rests.
When you see the streaks of light shining through the trees it is because of her. Have you ever looked up into the trees to try to see where that light comes from? Have you ever looked, trying to find the source? No, of course not, because it is TOO bright!
Many people seem to think it is the sun that causes those light streams. Silly humans! It is because of the fairy called Shiny!

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~Vix~ said...

Sherri she's completely and totally awesome! I hope I get to see her in person one of these days! Hugs, Vix