Saturday, October 20, 2007

I've been busy!

I have been quilting the music quilt and am done with the first color of thread. I have been testing a pattern for a friend and finished that but can't share the particulars yet, because it is a secret!

I have been adding hex's to the hex quilt and recently cut out a bunch more. Soon I will have to lay them out to see how the whole thing is shaping up. Here are a few of the blocks I have done so far:

I also have on my list today to make a holiday block. I used a snowflake background and fussy cut some Charlie Brown fabric. I tried a new method that puts the freezer paper on TOP instead of underneath the fabric to be appliqued down.

Here are all the circles covered by the special freezer paper I isn't as thick as normal freezer paper. I then cut the edges and glued them under before appliqueing them down.

And here is the finished block! I did a blanket stitch in shiny threads.

I wanted to make tooth fairy blocks for the last wondrous wings swap. They did not work out the way I'd hoped. So I made them into "Dingy Fairies" and hope folks will still want to swap with me.

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Whats New said...

I love the hexagon quilt thingy. YOu will have to show me how to do it when you come to Arkansas