Sunday, February 17, 2008

Birds are flying North

All the blocks are made. I have seen this pattern called "Northwind" and "Birds in the Air." So I am calling it "Birds Flying North" since my oldest son happens to live north of us a few states away. Oh, and because this is going to be HIS quilt too!

This is the first layout. It is also my favorite one. However, I started this quilt several years ago and it has been in my UFO pile for a long time. I only had enough of the moon fabric to make thirty blocks. A five by six block quilt is not favorable to this layout. One side or the other will be wonky.This is more of a traditional layout of this block. I have seen it in many quilts using the same pattern.
This is the one I decided to go with. Not as spectacular as the first one, but still quite fun and symmetrical enough for me to be happy with it.

Here is the finished center. Next will be figuring out borders. I also have a tiny bit of the moon fabric that might be incorporated into corner stones or other parts of the borders.


Carolyn in Kentucky said...

Sherri,I think that your blocks are gorgeous. Your son is going to be very pleased, no matter what borders you put on the edges. Are you going for a contrast? I am anxious to see what you decide on.

Sherri D said...

I haven't decided how I will finish it yet Carolyn. I am leaning towards putting a narrow border next in an eye popping color...less than a half inch wide. Then following that with the two blue solids...possibly pieced. I was mostly happy just getting this far on this old old old UFO! lol