Monday, February 11, 2008

Let's Fry that Fish!!!!

Remember that 1% that I wasn't happy with on my fish bowl? I took care of it. Though this piece will never be 'good enough' I like it better now. Can you see the change?

How about now?

Maybe now?
No matter. Just suffice it to say that I like it better and that is all that really matters. :) I also made some progress on my oldest son's quilt. I am being very fussy with this one. I hope that helps to make it turn out really nice!!!


Anonymous said...

I caught the change! I'm not going to tell you though, because everyone else has to find it for themselves. Hint- it was easier than Sherri's pictures last year where you had to find the 4 million things that she changed from one picture to another.
Barb C.

Barbara D'Angelo said...

neat project, how did you come about making this???

Barb D