Saturday, February 9, 2008

Shall we go fishing?

So I think I am pretty much done with this project. Some elements I like and some I hate! lol But that is just me.
The doily will be affixed to the bottom of this bowl when I am totally finished with any last minute tweaking I KNOW I will do!
It is a dickens to photograph! You can't see all the tiny detail embellishing here at all!
Someone, not naming names Snap, but someone thought this was a big fish bowl. Here it is next to a tennis ball. Oh and you can almost see on top, the three crystal beads that are water bubbles. I will have to take another photo of just the top. I will do that once the doily is on this as well.

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Carolyn in Kentucky said...

Finally you let uas know what the doily is for, I thought it was foir a doll. This is an amazing project. I am truly enjoying seeing the results of your creative side. I never know what to expect next.