Sunday, December 28, 2008


In this blog format, we can add labels to our posts for those who might want to search on a specific topic. This is not about those types of labels though. This morning, while hanging a towel up, and fussing with it to hide the little white tag/label, I thought to myself, "Why?"
So I got a pair of snips and went around the house, in the bathrooms, in the hall closet, in the kitchen, and even in the laundry room and snipped off all the little suckers I could find! I feel so much better.


Anonymous said...

oh Lady! I love what you do, especially since I do that too, clip, tear off, labels. Hugs, Bluee

Jaye said...

So, now you are going to sew them all together in a big mosaic quilt as a commentary on advertising, right? ;-) Take care!