Thursday, February 12, 2009

Side Tracks

I got a tad sidetracked yesterday and this morning. On Pat Sloan's blog she posted a link to MickyD's coffee ring design 'game' that was fun. You make a pattern you can print out with coffee rings as the designing tool. The pattern is on a hexagon shaped paper. I thought what fun it would be to print my own fabric for my hexagon quilt, using this design generator!

The other thing that got me sidetracked was watching FIFTEEN you-tube clips that show "The Wizard of Oz" movie being played with Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" tracks. There is an urban legend that says the Pink Floyd music was composed with the Oz movie as inspiration. Some of the coincidences are interesting. It was also fun just having the music on in the background. I am in awe of "Dark Side of the Moon" in that it is such an awesome piece of work. I like the works of the group 'YES' for the same reason. It isn't just the music but also the message and story behind the pieces.

What does this have to do with fiber arts you may ask? Well, Pat Sloan is a fiber artist and there currently is a line of "Wizard of Oz" fabrics out there. :D

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