Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stop and smell the roses

Well, at least smell the daffodils.
This is the third bouquet I've picked from the thousands that are growing on our property here. This spring is like a treasure hunt. Every few weeks finds something new growing in the flower beds! Have I mentioned lately that I really love our new place?
With the job having gone full time, and errand running or naps taking up the rest of my time, STUDIO time is almost non-existent right now. I did manage to sew five big blocks, on the Summer Pickle Mystery Quilt. I have about 40 more to sew together before assembling them into rows and finishing the top. I might get this done before summer!
I hope everyone has a great day today! It has warmed up here and is supposed to rain. Rain makes more things grow and bloom. That leads to more treasure hunting on the property. :D

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