Thursday, March 26, 2009

Only 393 hours to go

They say it takes about 400 hours of practice on the machine frame setups to become proficient in using them. I have what is considered to be a small to mid-arm sized setup. I have a Pfaff GrandQuilter for my machine and a HandiQuilter II style frame.

It took a few days to get the quilt loaded on the frame and everything set up to begin quilting. Of course all this is just a matter of learning how things work. I think it will be quite easy to do in the future.

The first real trouble I had was with thread tension. I think this is one of the most common types of problems for most folks in quilting, whether it be on a frame or just using the machine on a table. I had thread breakage problems and then thread loops underneath as I kept playing with the tension.

Today I went back at it. I changed needles to a top-stitch 100/16 needle, cleaned everything out very well, and then tried again to quilt. It worked! I do sometimes have thread breakage but each time I adjust things and I can now almost sew a full bobbin's worth without breakage.

I plan to get some 100/16 jeans needles at work today as I only had the top-stitch styled one, in that size, here. I've gone through four bobbins now. I like this! It will be much easier on me than wrestling the larger quilts at the table.

Below is a sample of my quilting. Nothing like taking a king size quilt and just "doing it" to it to learn how to quilt on a frame setup, huh! I always was the stubborn one. :)


Lutra said...

I didn't know you had the Pfaff and the Handiquilter!
When did you score that one?
I can't wait to see how it comes along....
starting with a king sized quilt great is that!
Love seeing all the Creative Prompt projects too...
I feel like such a slug....

connie said...


With your permission I'd like to add your blog to the blog page of my new quilting directory, Quilt Qua : You can let me know if you'd like to be included. If you would like to be on the top "featured" list, you simply need to let me know you've made mention, or placed a link on your site, back to Quilt Qua. I can send you a graphic if you'd like one for that purpose.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please note photos are always welcome on the Show and Tell page , and do let me know if I've missed your business to list on the web site!

Thank you,
Connie Colten
Quilt Qua

Sherri D said...

Hi Jane,
I bought the frame and machine separately about three months or so ago. Bargain shopper that I am these days, they were the right price at the right time! The frame was from eBay and the machine from Quilters Flea Market. I think I paid $1200 for the whole set up. Hubby made the table for the frame for me. What a guy! It is super sturdy and has drawers on each end. What quilter can't use more storage space, right? :)

Don't feel like a slug. After all, I began that quilt top last summer and am now just getting it quilted! I have so many others waiting to be finished. lol

Barbara C. said...

Great job! I'm jealous- I tried out a Grand Quilter at a show last year and fell in love with it.

Carolyn in Kentucky said...

I love the colors and the design of your summer pickle mystery quilt. This quilt will be gorgeous when you get it quilted. I think that you are getting the upper hand with your new quilting set-up. I know you are going to do great things. Sunshine