Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fabric Therapy

I have been working on the hexagons for the hexagon quilt a lot. Here are a bunch that have just been basted and ironed to crease the edges.

It seems to be the only fabric therapy that is working for me right now. I did manage to sell off the wedding ring quilt strips and am working on thoughts for replacing that project, using some of the retro fabric that I still have left. Perhaps this time, it will all work out better AND will inspire me to get back into the studio for some more serious crafting!

A friend (thanks Jaye) suggested buying some Moda charms and playing with them. Great idea Jaye but I think my lack of inspiration is a symptom of chaos in other areas of my life right now. Getting rid of the wedding ring project was a great move in the right direction. I wasn't really selling off my stash as I have thought of doing, but was getting rid of a huge road block.

As I mentioned above, I found a pattern that has a good chance to not only inspire me back into the studio but may even lead into combining two stale projects into one new cool one!!! I have an inkling of possible inspiration pulling me up out of the doldrums and creating again. woohoo!!!

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