Friday, May 29, 2009

Stopping this Insanity!!!

Alright!!! Enough is enough!!! It is time to get my rear in gear and DO SOMETHING about this crappy attitude towards my studio!!!

I have more gadgets and fabric than I will ever use up in my lifetime here. I am very blessed that before the economy turned sour I already had a well stocked studio. I used to say I was saving for my retirement years with fabric purchases. Little did I know that a recession/depression would precede that event!!!

There is no excuse as far as supplies go, for me to not work in the studio. And I DO use that word, 'work' in the kindest sense of the word. Studio time is not drudgery time (well it shouldn't be anyway), but rather therapy time or a time of self expression.

Let's examine some of the why's of not working in my studio.
  • too busy working outside the home (though I recently quit the bad job)
  • too busy doing housework (not busy enough if you saw my house right now)
  • too busy feeling sorry for myself (play the violins for the pity party)
  • too busy worrying about things in life I cannot change right now (we are all going to die someday)
  • too busy sabotaging myself with stupid feelings towards my studio, such as saying I am not worthy of having a studio because I will never make money to recoup the costs put into the fabric and supplies in here. (egads, I am always SO NOT WORTHY (GAG))
  • my art work, craft work, and quilts will never be prize winners. (that is a lie, some have won in the distant past, but still they DID win a ribbon or two)
  • I will never be a nationally known and sought after teacher in any of the above fields. (I WAS locally though)
  • I am too old to try new things (and too stubborn)
  • I should be working outside the home for more money (money, money, money...thank$ ex $pou$e for $caring me for life about money i$$ue$)
  • I should be cleaning and organizing this house (that is true, but is it really a life-time-all-consuming goal a person needs to aspire to?)
  • I should be painting and fixing up this house more (did I mention I am not sure what colors to paint or how certain things need to be fixed yet?)
  • it is a waste of money to cut up expensive fabric and sew it back together in a lackluster quality quilt similar to all the other lackluster quilts we have already (pity party again)
  • I am tired of trying to make something and have it turn out like crap (oh, and did I mention, PITY PARTY?)
Did I beat myself up enough yet?

I have been doing the creative prompt projects and had hoped they would inspire me to get back in the studio. I have also been looking online for different ideas to inspire me. Recently that led to a blog done by Lisa Call. I don't know much about her yet, but she recently posted this blog entry about "How to get stuff done" that caught my eye.

Today I am going to work on setting some goals and utilizing some of Lisa's ideas/inspirations in my own sketch book, to see if I can't get over this crap that I have allowed to creep in and take over my life. I will scan my results into my blog here tomorrow at the latest.

GOAL FOR TODAY: Sketchbook work to organize and commit .... I will try to make a week long schedule, and commit to making a schedule for Saturday and Sunday at the very very least and I will post it along with the two creative prompts I have done but not posted yet.

Hang on everyone, this could be a bumpy ride...or a very boring one!


Lisa said...

Woohoo - here's to moving forward and not letting those negative voices stop you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherri, (pat pat on the back) First, just stop working in the studio! Work/studio just don't go together!!! I PLAY in my craftroom/studio. I'm in the process of getting ready to have a few changes in there, so at the moment, it is cleaning/clearing in there, blech, BUT today while doing that when I picked up a small, purple flower pot that was to be a Halloween witch, there was a "light bulb" moment. So, I made a really cute pin cushion! Will to take a pic and put it on my blog. I felt good and then for the next two hours, I did work. So, next time you have a "light bulb" moment in the studio, go for it. Just a little thing accomplished will make you feel so much lighter. Now I will look at my small pincushion and smile.
Big hug to you! Blue