Saturday, July 11, 2009

Working on those stitches...

This is the third quilt that I have done in the frame. I am working on getting my stitch lengths even. They are not perfect yet, but I AM seeing improvement. One thing I have discovered is that the bigger the line done, before changing direction, the slower I need to be. Those longer sweeping lines tend to make me want to speed up, therefore leading to longer stitches.

I am just doing a simple meander on this quilt for the center part. I haven't decided how to do the borders yet. I hope to do an actual pattern like perhaps feathers. I have not decided if I will do the borders on the frame or on the table machine yet.
I only have a few more rows to do and the center of this top will be complete!

Remember if you click on the photos you can see a larger picture in more detail. I wouldn't mind if you did not do that though, as you might REALLY see those stitches!!!! lol

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Barbara D'Angelo said...

Looks like you are comming along great, I took a couple of classes in longarm and it looks a lot easer then it is!