Saturday, September 5, 2009

Blue and Window - Creative Prompts

I have been having trouble with the Creative Prompts of late. I don't know if they are especially hard or if stress is getting to me or what! So these are a little on the lame side.

The first was the easiest smallest thing I could think of that had anything to do with BLUE. Those little blue pills. (and NO we don't use them in this house!!!)

WINDOW was a tiny bit easier. Perhaps since my daughter just got back from her honeymoon cruise, explains why it came to me.
Otherwise I have been doing lots of hand work on the hexagon quilt. Progress is very slow. I DID do some work on the U is for Unicorn blocks too. Nothing is finished though, so no photos.


Anonymous said...

and then you have this wonderful, sweet friend who is Blue. Love the Tommy and Dragon quilt.

Quilt Rat said...

Stupid commercials? Oh Yeah! for sure. I like your "window" ....not lame at all.

Jaye said...

Your window response is fabulous! So clever!

Jaye said...

I am sorry that you are feeling frustrated with the prompts lately. I hope they will help you expand on your creativity. Sometimes I Google the word I have chosen and see what images pop up.

Sherri D said...

Blue, I was thinking of you for the BLUE word but emailed you instead of drawing a picture of you. :)

Jaye, even though frustrated, they still DO keep my creative juices from drying up. :)