Friday, September 25, 2009

Some of this and some of that

I am finishing up some detailing on the big dragon quilt.
I have one more step to go on his eyes before I will call them done.


I have the first two "Inchies" ornaments done. I am not totally thrilled about them though.
I might make more for the swap if I can't be happy with these two.

I also pulled some fabric for the next quilt:

 There are three fabrics here. Usually I would say to use the dark fabric as the sashing. I am thinking of using the lighter green though. The print is a big print of Hoffman Challenge fabric from 2008 I think. I only recently came across a pattern that gave me an idea on how to use this up!


Anonymous said...

Like your itty bitty ornaments. Wish I could figure out how to make them. Blue

Carolyn in Kentucky said...

I love your inchies. I had to follow the link to find the challenge. Awesome.