Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fanning myself

Besides thinking about how to quilt and back the big hexagon quilt, I am working on the layout for the blades of the fans on the next border of the House Medallion quilt too. I am too close to this project to be objective about the layout!!! lol

Gothy doll head has her hair done up now. Next will be fingernails, a costume, and embellishments. I like her so much! lol This is also my Post Spooky for today.

Well DAGNABIT!!! I inquired about batting for the hexagon quilt. The super thin cotton batting I would like to use would have to be joined in the quilt somewhere, as it does not come wide enough. The next low loft batting after that is Warm and Natural, but it is very dense. I THINK I can get that in the extra wide widths. The batting that is for SURE wide enough, and would not have to be pieced, has a higher loft. All these are cotton battings. SHOOT!!! Now I don't know what to get??????????

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