Friday, October 23, 2009

What a mess!!!

I finally got out all the crafting stuff to work on. In the photos below you can see the jar candles that I need to decorate, the boxes of beads, a block that I finished today and....

buttons, my order from eQuilter, the ironing board and the MESS!!!!! My table was clean yesterday! HONEST!!! This mess is my Post Spooky for the day. See the doll head in the background? She's watching me!!!

I also finished the D is for Dragon block from the U is for Unicorn quilt project. This was a very hard block to photograph! The tiny teeth and the sparkly thread work on the belly and on the leaves doesn't show up. You'll have to trust me on all this, the block is prettier in person! If you click on it, you CAN see more details too.

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