Friday, October 30, 2009

What a WEEK!

I have had the busiest week since I worked full time retail! Mostly it is the new puppy's fault. She takes a lot of my time right now. I haven't gotten much done in the studio. I do sew a few hexes on the hexagon quilt each night though. Just a few more to go and it will be ready for quilting!

We've had a ton of rain and are pretty sick of it now. Tomorrow is Halloween and the neighbor's rummage sale. I don't have any plans to do much of anything except relax as much as I can till next week! I am trying to keep my schedule clear so I can just putter in the studio as much as I can then. :)

I have TWO Creative Prompts to catch up on too. Glimmer and Spirit. Maybe this weekend, when I am sitting in the living room, watching the puppy chew up things, I can do that. :)

My Post Spooky for today is this shot of the wet puppy and my orange Halloween socks with the purple Crocs. And YES I DID go out with those, in public, for all the world to see! lololol

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