Monday, November 23, 2009

Running on Low

I decided that I did not like the pink petals in the corners of the House Medallion quilt. After much auditioning, I carefully removed them and came up with this idea instead:
Here is a closer look:
The fan blade is leftover from the fans and I then appliqued the green around it. It is now ready to be quilted!

I caught up on both Creative Prompts tonight too. The first is CORE:
I did the Earth's core in Roger Dean fashion!

Next is KNOT:
I think it is pretty self explanatory! lol

Now I am left with the U is for Unicorn quilt and Christmas presents. Trouble is, I don't feel like doing either one of those projects!!! I don't have an idea for a new project right now either. I think I will just concentrate on getting the Thanksgiving feast ready for Thursday and take a break from 'projects' for the rest of this week.


Jaye said...

Fabulous work on your prompt responses!!! I love both, but especially core. Great idea. Your drawings are really improving. I don't mean that the early ones were awful, but I can see your confidence. Nice work and thanks for participating.

Sherri said...

I knew you didn't mean the early ones sucked Jaye. lol I think what is happening is all my old artistic skills are coming back, bit by bit. I used to be quite an artist in my youth. :) Thanks for the comments!

Quilt Rat said...

oh these are wonderful Sherri, I especially like your response to Core