Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just the Prompts, Man, Just the Prompts

The days are a blur, with all I keep trying to do, and I haven't even gotten the decorations down from the attic yet! I did work on my Creative Prompts though.

The first prompt is GRATITUDE and I decided to attempt a drawing of Ziva. I look into her eyes sometimes and feel so much gratitude to have such a wonderful dog in my life!

The next prompt is WINTER. I am originally from Minnesota. I often think of bare trees in winter, with their roots covered by snowdrifts.


Anonymous said...

Sherri! What a great drawing of Ziva. You are so good. Like the tree too. BUT the link to the pot holders... just want to thank you for that. I've been making some today. What a great find you made and thank you so much for sharing! Big hug, Blue

Quilt Rat said...

Love both of these. Pets give so much and ask for little in return don't they.
Your tree and snowdrift are fabulous I love that single little leaf hanging on.

Jaye said...

Thank you so much for participating. Your drawing of Ziva is wonderful! It is such a thrill for me to see the talent that everyone has!

I also love the tree and am enjoying seeing what winter represents to people.