Sunday, May 16, 2010

Doodling around the studio

After putting in those 13 days of intense quilting on that big BBQ'd Pansy quilt, it seems strange to relax a bit! I SHOULD be doing more housework, but I'm not. I am keeping up the dishes and laundry though, and that is good enough for me. :)

Here is a shot of the design wall, taken just before posting on this blog:
I feel like I should play "Where's Waldo?" with this shot! There is a tiny witch on a broom, a dragon, two glass doorknobs, a calendar, two cigar boxes, a liquor tin/bank, renfaire costumes, Tom's purple mother's day heart, a cloth dragon peeking at us and so much more!!!

This is a gadget my husband makes:
When you have binding for a large quilt, you put it on this spindle and set it behind your sewing machine. If you feed the end around the right side of the machine, it makes it super easy to handle long, continuous binding strips. I love using it!
I finally am about finished with the purple fairy doll:
She's sitting in the tree that has been made all shiny now. I still haven't decided what to do with that tree. I have several ideas but nothing is for sure yet.
Her hair is all tiny beads. She's holding lavender roses.

I think I will make her some tiny slippers before calling her finished.

Here is a progress shot of the Cathedral Window quilt:

I have finished three of the small accent strips for the U is for Unicorn quilt too:
They are less than two inches wide!!!

I hope you've enjoyed a little tour of the studio today! Y'all come back now, ya hear? :)


Anonymous said...

Sherri, you are awesome! Love your new fairy. The Blue Fairy says hi.

Linda M. Poole said... are one ambitious person! I love to peek into your studio and see what you are doing!

Jaye said...

WOW! You have been working so hard! Nice job. I think the fairy might need a tiny bracelet.

Sherri said...

Thanks everyone!

I am still working on her...she is getting beaded slippers right now. :)