Sunday, May 23, 2010

This and That

I haven't done much that shows progress. I have dabbled a lot though. I am working on the guild newsletter that comes out next week. Judy Martin was kind enough to let us use her pattern for a BOM for July:
I think it will look great when there are a whole bunch of these blocks all displayed together. I hope lots of people make these for the July meeting.

I've dabbled with the Cathedral Window quilt too. I am making the windows by hand. My hand stitching shows up here:
Here is a broader view:
I've been toying with a lot of ideas in my brain. So much so, that my brain hurts! lol I have thought about taking art classes, opening a business, making more art, and renting a space at an antique/collectible/craft store. I'd sell off some items at that last one.

I keep talking myself out of all these ideas though. I recently took that pretty BBQ'd Pansy quilt to the guild for the guild's flower challenge. I was so ashamed at how it looked, compared to the others there. What looked so nice at home looked really tacky, hung up next to the other quilts.

I am better at artistic endeavors. Where the quality of quilting, matching points, picking colors, and having the backing on just right are not factors with artistic fabric pieces. Not that having a fantastic quilt is easy! No way is it! And I am also not saying making an art piece means shoddy workmanship either. I am trying to say that the freedom to not have to make artistic things perfectly sewn, appeals to me more.

As you can tell, I am NOT a writer! I am sure this isn't all coming out just right. But I DO feel more comfortable making artsy things, especially 3-D sculpture-esque items. I also DO need to get over my own self hurdle of feeling no one would like or want to buy my art pieces. Just because they don't sell, doesn't mean the item is worthless.

Ok, ok, I have certainly rambled on enough today. Here is it noon and I am still in my jammies!!! I have lots I could or should be doing, but have wasted the day in blissful laziness. :)

Happy Creating!!!


Jaye said...

I wish you had taken a picture of all the quilts for the challenge, so we could be the judge of your work against others. Don't I remember that you made the quilt in 2 weeks? What was it that made it look tacky, in your eyes? Make it again better!

Nothing ever changes unless we take a risk. I think you should put each of your ideas on a sheet of paper and then make a list of pros and cons of each one. Perhaps you should see if the SBA is holding a small business class in your area. I took one and found it very helpful when I was starting my business. Fear will easily take over your life if you let it. Don't let it.

Sherri said...

The rest of the quilts were show quilts. Intricate applique that had taken years of work. Many were quilted professionally or by hand. The rules said they only had to be completed by May, but could have been started YEARS ago. Mine had that typical homemade dorky look. I should NOT have done the vine work quilting in light thread either. It showed up and really took away from the pizazz of it all.

Thanks for your ideas Jaye. I am thinking about taking the plunge on renting the space to sell my wares, among other items. It is the least risky and the one I am most comfortable with. :)