Monday, June 14, 2010

Rising from the trash

At one point I tossed this block in the trash. I had ripped out satin stitching, there was a tiny hole in one area where I had caught it with the seam ripper, and I was so unhappy with the whole thing. I took it out of the trash and ripped the tear-a-way stabilizer off the back. I then pressed out all the puckers. Putting fresh stabilizer on the back, I tried again. Where the hole was, was covered with fabric that was fused on and satin stitched in place.

I am surprised that it turned out to be usable!

I haven't sewn all these pieces together yet, but here is the same block, positioned where it will eventually end up being placed on the quilt:
Today is my quilt guild meeting. I leave in about an hour. Tomorrow we hope to visit the museum with the Pharaoh exhibit. I will try to get lots of photos. Note to self: recharge the camera batteries today!!!


Jaye said...

I am glad you didn't throw it out. It looks great. What is the process for sewing these together? Do you have to sash them or is the red already stitched on?

Sherri said...

The red is the sashing that gets attached to each block in a certain way.