Sunday, August 15, 2010

Peeves and Posts

It has been a little unsettling this weekend. I woke up to an email from my daughter, Saturday morning, that said her brother "was in the hospital with appendix issues". She and he live in Austin, TX, about a ten hour drive from here.

Long story short, her brother, my middle son, went in the hospital around one in the morning on Saturday. I was finally able to reach him by phone and he said he was going in for surgery that afternoon. By eleven pm last night, he was home! The surgery went fine. I added more gray hairs to my head.

We also had another contractor here, painting the new back porch. He only got the primer on and will be back to put the actual paint on some other day. (grumble)

The weather is still over 100F, (it seems like it's been this way for weeks now), but the second new air conditioner seems to be working better.

I was just reading an email from a list I am on. The writer was selling a bunch of stuff from her studio. She was including a lot of magazines. She said that shipping would be 'media mail' price. This is a pet peeve of mine. Media mail cannot have advertising in it. I know a lot of folks sneak that past the post office, but I just have a quirk about cheating the system.

With all the craziness yesterday, I needed therapy sessions!!! I worked some on joining the blocks for the U is for Unicorn quilt:
I also cut out the charms for my "Disappearing Halloween" quilt:
I made a few changes to that landscape quilt. I plan to finish it up before Wednesday and ship it off for the contest. I know I won't win, but maybe I will get an honorable mention!

That is it for go sew something!

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