Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!

It was a quiet but wonderful Christmas at our house. Though we missed having any company, we all outdid ourselves in buying just the right gifts! Nothing has to be returned OR exchanged. :)
All too soon, things will get back to normal. I will be putting out my guild's newsletter, early next week. I had to hurry up and test run the Block-of-the-Month before publication! The first one (of 12 total throughout this next year) is a charming snowflake block:
I made three total blocks and might make one more before I am happy with the results!

February's block is "Cherries Jubilee" and will feature three pieced cherries:
I think I am going to add some appliqued green leaves so they don't look like balloons!

I hope everyone is having a blessed holiday season and will have a better new year!


Jaye said...

Did you receive any great quilt related gifts?

Sherri said...

Hard to find, special machine needles, and a large gift certificate to an online fabric store. :D