Monday, February 28, 2011

South of the Border

The bottom border is starting to take shape on my U is for Unicorn quilt:
Those orange dots will be little oranges on a twig. This shows the left half of the bottom border. The right half will be worked on soon!

The two side borders will have castles on them. I have the cutouts placed for those castles here:

This will give you an idea of how daunting these borders are! I didn't count how many dozens of flowers had to be cut out! This is showing a pile of flowers and leaves, along with the two castles:
See the nickle near the leaves? That is to give you an idea of how small they are. The ruler is a 6.5" square one. It is also there to show size and scale. I will have to satin stitch around each and every one of those flowers when I go to attach them permanently!

What did YOU do this weekend?

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