Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Like Sundays

I am almost done sewing down the pieces on the center of my "My Tweets" quilt. I discovered two elements I didn't like. I took out the stitches and redid those parts. Can you tell the difference?
Most of today was spent sewing blocks together:
Spring is trying to come here in central Arkansas. We planted crocuses last fall and they all came up! There are purple ones:
My favorites are the purple striped ones:
There are also some white ones:
Time to get back to the sewing machine. If I finish what I have cut out, I will have 14 blocks. I have enough fabric to make 10-14 more blocks, but I am not sure how big I want to make this quilt yet.

I hope you have a super Sunday too!


Bethany said...

Love your center. You moved the head feathers to the side. It looks lovely.

Sherri said...

Thanks Bethany! Yes the birds' combs or topknot feathers are moved, as well as a much more subtle change in the two flowers that are at the bottom on each side.

Jaye said...

The center is a really a great group of colors! Love it! I am unclear on which 14 blocks you are sewing together, but good work!

Sherri said...

The 14 blocks are the leafy log cabin quilt blocks. I keep setting it aside instead of putting it together. Of course I SHOULD be working on the U is for Unicorn quilt too. :P