Sunday, April 17, 2011

Messier, Messier, Messier!!!

I sold my frame and machine and now am getting the table out that they were on, to make more room in the studio. The only clean spot is the frame table! Everything is piled high, over on the cutting table:
You can't even see there IS a table under all this stuff!!!
Can you make out the plastic storage drawers over by the design wall? They WERE under the frame table. I have to relocate them or replace them. The two cabinet pieces that were on either end of the frame table are over there under my threads.
They will be put together and one of my large cutting mats will be on it. I like this idea. I will put all the rotary cutters, blades, and maybe extra rulers in the drawers! I will have a regular cutting station. I feel SO professional.

That is it for today. It is so nice outside that I have been gardening. Now it is almost supper time. I will work on the studio all week. Then I can take the after shots!

Now go sew something too!

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Jaye said...

It always looks worse before it looks better. Good job selling the machine. Now you have some play money?