Friday, August 26, 2011

Crunch Time

There are SO many things I would rather
be doing than creating this mess:
I am the newsletter editor for our guild. I also design a block-of-the-month for each issue. I had, what I thought was, an easy block to do for September. It turned into a block nightmare!!! All those scraps are the result of several days of trying to make sense of the block and trying to relate the directions to the readers of the newsletter.

I was not successful. I finally gave up and designed a whole different block from scratch. It will work, but I am still working on making the block and testing the directions. I have a lot of respect for pattern designers!

I have to finalize this issue by Monday so I can go to the printer on Tuesday. I think I can do that, but until it is done, I know I will fress about it!

I have two blocks for the My Tweets BOM that need to be worked on. I haven't even gotten all the pattern pieces cut for it yet. I am almost done with the sixth block in the series and will soon be needing block seven and eight ready to be appliqued down.

Let's toss into this mix that I decided to do a virtual 5K run/walk at the end of October and will be training for that. Oh, and did I mention our group, Jingly Bits Minstrels, has a gig coming up at the end of October too? That means we need to practice every day to be ready for a great show! How about my birthday that happens at the same time? Then Halloween, oldest son's birthday, Thanksgiving, youngest son's birthday, husband's birthday, and Christmas! YIKES!

I hope September is quieter!

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