Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mixed Bag of a Day

It has been quite a weekend and it is only half over! We sold our RV today. It was not an easy decision! There are tons of great memories and "warm fuzzies" when I think about all our adventures in this rig. It is even quilt related because I started making the hexagon quilt in it when traveling to the shows we performed at. I hope the new owners have just as great a time with her as we did!

I finished four Creative Prompts.

The first is #98-Party:
I love how the olive turned out! I was thinking that this is more "when the party is over" but it is my interpretation, so there! hahaha

Next is #100-Memory:
Ever since I did a few quilt-lets for Ami Simms' cause: The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, I think of losing one's memories.

Next up is #102-Vision:
My husband was working in the yard last weekend and a small piece of debris flew up from the weed-whacker, catching him in the corner of his eye! His sight was not compromised, thank goodness, though he still has blood spots in the white parts of that eye, a week later. Always wear glasses or safety glasses when working with power tools of ANY sort!!!

Last we have #103-Froth:
I thought of the white froth of a big waterfall.

That is it for now. Tomorrow I hope to do some actual sewing as this summer winds down. Only one more week of school vacation for the boy and then I have my house to myself during the daytime again! WooHoo!!!


Jaye said...

Great responses! I really like seeing how the words wend their ways through other people's minds. What medium are you using? Markers or colored pencils? You are right! The olive did turn out really well. I also like the Memory response. It is not as sad as other Alzheimer's artwork I have seen. Nice job! Thanks for playing along.

Sherri said...

Thanks Jaye! I use both markers of different sizes and shapes, as well as my Prisma colored pencils and watercolor pencils.