Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Production Line is Open Again

I am busy in the studio again. I am altering several renfaire costumes because Jingly Bits will be performing at the end of October and their lead lady musician has shrunk out of her clothes!!! (that would be yours truly, me!)

I have finished the goodies for my swap partners on the Fluffy Sheep swap. I can't say who they are yet though. I first made the mug rugs that I showed you in my last posting.

To go with each of those, I made little pouch bags. They have a flap over the top with a Velcro closure and a zippered pocket to boot!
I made one out of lime green and polka-dot fabric, with a bright orange flower appliqued on.

You can see the Altoid tin I put in the back pocket. The zippered pocket is in front.

I made a second bag out of this colorful batik. It has the same opening and also the same zippered pouch inside. I appliqued a heart on the outside of this one.

I also finished two Creative Prompts last night. The first one is #111 - FORWARD. I used a pushy cowboy trying an old pickup line on the girl for this one.

The next one is #112 - HEAT. I thought of someone crawling through the hot desert.

I have three blocks in the works from the My Tweets BOM. I am in the process of assembling all the bits and pieces and hope to be gluing them down soon so I can get back to the actual applique work!

That's all for today! Hope you are sewing up a storm where you are too!


Jaye said...

Really nice work. Your response to heat is a little frightening.

Sherri said...

I was watching a movie at the time I started working on that one. I guess it is one of those "dark sides" of me that shows up now and again! lol