Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm sorry I've neglected you!

I feel like I have been gone, forever! I have just been terribly busy. That is my excuse, and I am sticking to it! I will not say that it is partially because it took me this long to figure out how to get photos from my Christmas camera, to the computer, without asking the Mister for help!
My studio is a mess of organized chaos!

You can see several quilt projects in the shot above. The hexagon quilt is in the foreground. The U is for Unicorn quilt is on the design wall. (It is supposed to be inspiring me to sit down and work on those borders!) There is the new Unicorn wall hanging and the latest block of My Tweets hanging there too.

I've been busy with guild stuff. I took the calendar quilt to show and tell and then donated it for our outreach program.

There were two quilts at the show and tell, that were made from blocks that these quilters had won. One lady made a quilt from her January Snowflake blocks and the other lady made her quilt from the June Black and White Bows block.

I am working on the block for the February block-of-the-month. It is entitled "Isn't She Lovely?" and features Sun Bonnet Sue and Straw Hat Sam.

I also finished block number eight in the "My Tweets" block-of-the-month. I am only four blocks behind now!

That is all I am going to write about today. Things will settle into a routine soon and I promise to try to post a little more often! Thanks for stopping by, and now, go sew something!!!


Jaye said...

Good work on keeping up your creativity as you can. WHAT is going on ???? Nothing untoward, I hope.

Sherri D said...

Hard to answer what is going on here. Nothing bad, that is for sure. I find myself pulled in too many different directions and not able to devote fabric therapy time like I used to.
I actually have toyed with downsizing a LOT. My 'other' life has taken on a life of its own too. Between being the artist, the webmaster, the editor, the speaker, the researcher, the wife, the mother, and the musician, I am scattered right now.
Part of this is also because I REFUSE to start a new project until ONE of my bigger UFO's is done! It doesn't matter which one, but ONE has to be done before I take scissors to fabric again! lol