Friday, April 6, 2012

Creative Prompts Times Two

I've been busy cleaning up my studio and house for expected company next week. As often happens, the Creative Prompt Project is the only artistic stuff I can do during busy times! I have recently finished two of them.
The first one is #123 - Butterfly. It is patterned somewhat after a tattoo I have on my wrist.

I also finished #128 - Candy. I recently rediscovered Edward Gorey online and purchased a book about him with lots of his art works in it. This creepy drawing is inspired by Gorey's artwork. Please believe me when I say that the man really isn't a bad man in this drawing...just very creepy! I hope the little girl runs away!

Speaking of Edward Gorey, I have pre-ordered some Ghastlie fabrics that are coming out this year! I have last year's Ghastlie's too. I still am not sure what I will make, but it should be fun!

I am mentally working on a quilt with a lot of teal/aqua color. I am thinking about paring it up with purple or tangerine or both. I probably won't start cutting it out till next year though! lol

I have finally finished remaking one of my dresses for our performance at an upcoming renaissance faire. I only have two more to do! In between I did manage to sew one more strip on the Leafy Cabin quilt blocks...all 33 of them!

Off to sew more on these dresses so I can get back to fun sewing! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, no matter which way you celebrate it!

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