Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Days after Christmas

 Christmas morning

 Who? Or is it whoooooooooooo? This was the year of the owl gifts. My mother collected owls. There are so many cute owl things out there that my husband just couldn't help himself to a few to gift to me. I love how the little owl inside this cup, peeks over the cocoa froth.

 We started out Christmas Day with ice rain. It weighed down the bamboo that is on the other side of our fence. The myrtles were also starting to bend over with the weight of the ice covering them.
 The icy rain turned to snow as the evening cold set in.
 Early morning on the 26th and the poor myrtles are bent all the way over. The bamboo is over top of them. The taller bamboo was bent over the phone lines. The fence was covered in ice and snow and looked like a solid wall instead of chain link fencing.

 There are icicles on the roof line now. Even though this is blurry, I like how the lights show up.

 Some of the loot my generous husband got for me was the water color set, India ink color set, pens and tips, and the wooden owl box. My son got fabric markers for me. I plan to buy a pair of white shoes and decorate them with those markers!

I also got a Kindle, leather bound owl journal, a subscription to AQS, The Art Journal Workshop book, and Dreaming which is another art journaling book. The big purple thing is a lap board for putting my laptop computer on my lap, as well as for writing, drawing, and such.Not shown are the owl jammies, owl pencil cup, G-2 pens, crock pot, can opener, and clothing. I am sure I forgot some items! I feel so spoiled!!!
We are still snowed in and probably will be until Friday or Saturday. I might have to walk to the grocery store to get a few staples today. I need the exercise anyway! I also plan to work on those pillowcases today. Thank goodness our power didn't go out for very long.

I hope you are having a great week and are playing with lots of goodies! Happy Sewing!!!

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