Friday, January 25, 2013

My First "Off the Wall Friday" posting

I always mean to post but taking photos, resizing them, tweaking them, takes me an awful long time, so then I don't post a dang thing! Since I have had a very productive week though, I thought I should participate just once this year for the Off the Wall Friday theme that Nina hosts.

In no particular order I have finished the last block for My Tweets...a 2011 block of the month from Erin Russek's blog, One Piece at a Time:

Now I have to make a gazillion leaves and a few more birds and flowers for the appliqued border. Here are just some of the templates, ready to cut out:
 Here is the block on the design wall along with some of the border fabric strips and another block done in a different colorway:
 I need to figure out how I am going to do the colors for the two styles of birds that I did for this project. Do I put one teal bird with one purple bird or do I put two pairs of teal birds on the sides and the other two pairs of purple birds on the top and bottom of the borders? Decisions, decisions!!!

I signed up for the Skill Builder BOM but after seeing that one of the blocks is a hexagon block, I am having second thoughts! I mean, I DO have enough projects on my plate as it is. If I don't get to the first blocks by the time the second ones come out, I might scrap that idea. (hehehe, I said scrap...that is a pun! hehehe)

Something else that is eating up some time is my new Featherweight! She needs a lot of cleaning and a few parts but I already am hoping she will be a useful part of the 'family' here. As of now she is not named though.

Last but not least is a shot of the mess on my table. There are bits and pieces of both the My Tweets border as well as the 2013 BOM called Jingle Belle. In fact, just today the first block is up on Erin's web site. It is a free BOM. There is a center medallion called Miss Kringle that you can buy from Erin for $10 to use in the quilt center, but you don't have to do that if you don't want to.
ACK! It has been two hours since I got on this computer and I have nothing to show for it except this blog posting! It is cold and damp outside so I think this will end up being a very productive day in the studio too. Heaven knows, I have lots of different projects to choose from!

Till next time...Happy Sewing!!!


Sylvia said...

I love the bright colors you are using in your blocks. Very cheerful!

You will love your featherweight! I don't use mine enough.

Margaret said...

I understand completely about the berries and leaves. I appliqued a pair of pillow shams for my sis, featuring lots of them -- needle-turn -- and I'm not sure I've recovered yet! Took me 2 years!

Amy Rea said...

Oh wow! I love the colours! It's gorgeous x

Nina Marie said...

welcome!! yeah appliquing can be a vocation huh?! love all the colors!