Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sew, Sew, Sew, Yourself, Gently Down the Stream!

School is in full swing here and I have the house to myself again! I miss my son, but I am enjoying more studio time too!

Today I finished the 30th block for my guild challenge quilt. I will square them up tomorrow and start sewing rows together. I love, love, love this pattern! It is SO forgiving! I am not worried about matching seams and the quilting will be a breeze!

I am anxiously awaiting word from the person I sent this too:
It is a dog kerchief for her poodle.
It is reversible too. There is a dog print on one side and dog bones on the other. I hope it fits her dog!

I have the triangles all sewn on my LE quilt:
Next will be 20 circles, in between each triangle. On the original pattern, these would be flowers with stems. Since I am doing a celestial theme, I am going to use my version of planets. I am auditioning several fabrics for this. I think I will be going with the one that is to the far right in the photo above.

I finished the 6th appliqué block for the Jingle Belle BOM:

Here is a shot of the table that is in the center of my studio:

Here are my orchid plants and two pineapple plants...also in my studio:

That's the latest from my corner of the world! I hope you are having a super creative day! Happy sewing!

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