Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ice Day Sew In

We are all home today due to a little icy weather. What a winter this has been! 
I have lots of projects to work on. Even if the power goes out, I have binding to sew because I finished the Jingle Belle Quilt!
I might go back and do a little more quilting on a few of the blocks that I am not quite sure of. I want this to be one of my better efforts. I took my time. My stitches are better than many I've done, but they are still sloppy in some spaces. I ripped out several areas already, and redid them. I won't take the time to rip out any more though. Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to be 'good enough' and let go!

I am still working on Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice quilt.
  I have a lot of blocks left to assemble.

 I made a little more progress on the Building Blocks quilt:
 That pink and blue around the left and top are for the Celtic Solstice quilt. I have more yellow sashing to add to the Building Blocks next.

And I took out the U is for Unicorn quilt again. I still am not sure how to proceed with this one.
There isn't any batting inside it, as it is already quite heavy. I am not sure if I need more sewing on the layers though, to stabilize it more. This will take more study time.

With the icy weather today, I can choose from any of these, or go crochet, or applique one or two other works in progress. Decisions, decisions!!!

Hope you are all warm and safe and well, and sewing happily along!

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