Friday, March 28, 2014

Tini Time

My friend has been in my life for not quite a year now. She's an awesome woman! She has been very generous to me in so many ways and I wanted to give her a little gift. I know she likes martinis, so I decided to make her some martini mug rugs:

I made a set of four. They are pretty basic. You just cut out the shape of a martini glass and appliqued it down.

I did a meander quilting pattern around the glass:

Using a satin stitch, I made the pick that goes through the olive:

The single olive is colored and heat set, using Prisma pencils:

I used some metallic thread to quilt around the glass as well as a little quilting inside the glass. Under the right light, it sparkles a little!
I hope she likes them!

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