Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ready for Guild on Monday!

I tweaked the latest two blocks-of-the-month for the night guild. The schoolhouse one is for September and the pumpkin is for October. I like how the embellishments turned out!
 The pumpkin has a lemony yellow background. I am not sure why it looks so odd and almost greenish! Blame the photographer!
The pumpkin was paperpieced. I am not sure if I got the pattern upside down or the fabric upside down. Either way, I think it looks just fine this way. It adds to the mystery of the Halloween season! Ha!
I am doing the Member Showcase for the morning guild. It was fun pawing through all the quilts I have made. I think I will have a good show! I also have half a dozen quilts that we never use and plan to donate them. All in all, a nice little sewing day!

Till next time, happy sewing!

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thequiltingdoberman said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday. :) I love the pumpkin block. Sam