Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pink Elephants

My husband and I celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary on April Fool's Day. We've always been kinda quirky like that. We took a few photos to commemorate the day. I like this one because it also shows some quilts!
The quilt on the bed is BBQ'd Pansies and the one on the wall was made for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. The 2nd Anniversary theme can be fabric, so a quilter would have to make a quilt for that, right? There is a lot of hidden meanings in that quilt. The kissing dragons are especially sweet.
Our gifts to each other were modest. Some wine, some Irish whiskey, a renfaire book and a deflated pink elephant. Since the 15th Anniversary theme is ruby and crystal, my husband named the elephant Ruby Crystal. He found it laying on the pavement by his car when he left work that day. He brought it home because he knew I could just fix her up!
I sure hope I can!

 I've been trying to keep busy in the studio. The April block for "My Favorite Things" has begun.

 I have the blocks around the snowman block for the same quilt:

 The Folk Art quilt's center medallion is finally finished:

 I almost have the center for the Pink Sherbet charity quilt put together:

 I discovered a surprising violet plant in the small flower bed behind the house!
Spring is springing here with a riot of color in the flower beds. I love it! Lots of rainy days have led to lots of time in the studio too. I love that!

Most of all, I love that man of mine who supports my fabric-ey habits! Smooches Love!
 Happy Sewing y'all!


Jaye said...

Very sweet post! Hope you had as great an anniversary as it sounds like you did.

Sherri D said...

We did have a wonderful anniversary Jaye, thanks :)