Friday, May 1, 2015

Promptly Being Creative

HAPPY MAY BASKET DAY!!! As a  young girl we used to take pillow mints and mix them with salted peanuts. We'd decorate a little paper drinking cup with drawings of flowers. We'd use a pipe cleaner to make a handle. Once filled with the mints and peanuts, we'd share them around the neighborhood. Ahhhhhhh, such fond memories from over fifty years ago!!!

A few weekends ago we went to our annual renaissance faire in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Hubby and the Young Mister were on the news that night!
A few days after the faire, it was Earth Day. We planted three new trees to go along with the Mimosa we already planted two years ago.
 I finished another block for the "My Favorite Things" block of the month:
I have some lemon sherbet yellow fabric around the charity quilt:
I followed all this up with doing a Creative Prompt! I haven't done one in maybe a year or so now. I combined a little art with a little writing. It was fun to do this again. I should try to be more consistent with it!
I am currently sandwiching four charity quilts to quilt for guild. I am woefully behind on projects, as I've needed to handle other issues in life. I hope to get back to doing fabric therapy soon! Till then, I hope you all are sewing-on!


Jaye said...

How great that you combined different styles of creativity for your response! I love it.

I also love the bright pink donation quilt.

It is so nice to see how much work you have been doing. Keep it up!!!

Quilt Rat said...

those prompts...oh my...can't even remember when I last did happy to see you involved the direction you took with it. You certainly don't let any dust settle on you? :-)

Sherri D said...

Thank you Jaye! You always keep me inspired to never give up, even if it is months apart, never give up on the creative parts of life. Thank you for that!
And Jill, Thank you for stopping by! I truly do not feel like I do all that much and daily feel as a slacker! I SO admire your artistic abilities, and you too, keep me inspired to never ignore my artistic tendencies. :)