Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Post Holiday Report

My embroidery thread stash
I am participating in "1 Year of Stitches", an embroidery project. Each day I need to do at least one stitch. Here is the progress during this first week:
Day One
Day Two
Day Three

Day Four
Day Five
Day Six

Day Seven
I have NO idea where this will go, but I am enjoying the process more than expected! I have been doing free form so far. This has been a very fun and freeing project!

I can now show the pillowcase set I made for my panda-loving-daughter, for Christmas:

 At last month's guild meeting, I picked up some free blocks. I believe no one wanted them because they were autographed:

I made two complimentary blocks and assembled this top:
I also put a border around it that matched the fabric I used in my blocks.
This will make a nice lap quilt. I will probably keep it because I don't feel right about donating a quilt that has all these names on it. I will use it though, and somehow I feel attached to it because of the fellow quilters that made the blocks.

I started a new applique quilt too. It is a pattern called "Whoo Knows" and will be made for my owl loving oldest son.
Pieces cut and ready to sew down.
An online friend of mine, Margi from Michigan, is a knitter. She makes the most awesome knitted socks. I can't knit worth a darn but I crochet. I decided to try to make my first pair of crocheted socks:
Day One
Day Two
It has been challenging but fun. I also found some luscious yarn at a local thrift store. I hope to make more socks with this:
This is so soft!
I am off to a great start this year. Lots of projects to work on and new ones in the planning stages. I hope you are all off to a wonderful new year of sewing and crafting too!

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