Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hey, she lives and is making stuff!!!

I have been terrible about updating my blog this whole year. It's been a tough year and until recently, I haven't felt like doing anything creative, much less sharing my lack of creativity with others. My mojo seems to be finally coming back again though as I gleefully flit from project to project. (I get bored when I stick with just one project at a time)
Camping trip photo of sunrise at Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas
I made this shawl to wrap around me when camping. I used a bunch of scraps to make it. 

I'm still trying to make my first sock. I am in the process of turning the heel right now. I've tried to make this SIX times! Hopefully, after they are done, they fit! hahahaha!!!

This is what happens when you think you have the cake far enough away from the edge of the table but your dog thinks otherwise!
 "I'm innocent I tell ya, innocent!

I crocheted the top of this towel for my oldest son's kitchen. He loves owls.

 Then I liked the idea so much, I crocheted a top for a towel in our kitchen!

 We often have visitors at our campsites.

I made my first book last week!
I printed out pages for a journal at a print shop. Then I bound them together with glue and thread. I found the pictures of the queens from an old calendar I had. I used them on a sturdy cardboard piece and bound the spine with black duct tape. This will be my journal for 2018. I am inspired to make more!

I tried a yarn of the month club for a bit. I wasn't too impressed with it though. I am not sure what I will do with it yet. And what is it with those tiny knitting needles??? I gifted them to a friend to driver HER crazy, instead of me.
They are only about four inches long!

This is a picture taken as I looked out the back window of our camper during one of our trips this year. I forget which park it was at, but I know it was in Arkansas.

I broke down and bought a bag of assorted embroidery floss, because I could. I also like to do random embroidery by hand. I do this in my 'spare' time. hahahahaha!!!

Since I am a glutton for punishment, I decided to do a Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt again. This one is called "Ringo Lake". I just finished part one. Oh my. Why do I do these mystery quilts??? Maybe because I know the end results will be awesome. I also linked up to the Mystery Monday Linkup on Bonnie's blog. Click on my photo below to go to see all the other's progress too!

I am working on another quilt that is a block-of-the-month. Remember the "My Favorite Things" quilt? I am doing this year's quilt by the same person, Cindy of "Quilt Doodle Doodles". This will be a flannel quilt.

We looked at an old house that was for sale. If we had more money, this would have been an awesome house to buy! It needed a TON of work though. Look at their front door though:
Just too cool!

I have lots more going on, but for now this has been enough. I make no promises about keeping 
this blog going, on a more regular basis. 
I will wish what few readers I have left, a very happy holiday season and
"Peas on Earth" to all!
See you next year and happy sewing y'all!


kupton52 said...

Hi....and you have a NEW reader....Me! If you added "grandmother" to your profile you could be describing me. I look forward to reading your posts in the coming year. Blessings....kathy in WV/USA

thequiltingdoberman said...

Beautiful creations! I laughed about the sock. I hope you get that heel. :)