Friday, February 9, 2024

Weather work

We had our southern version of Winter arrive last month. It might not look like much but we were stuck at home for four days as they don't plow all the streets in our city. It did finally warm up and melt away. 

My aloe plant surprised me by blooming! It started in January

The birds were not amused at how cold it was:

Inside was nice and warm. I started quilting the Mystery Quilt from our guild challenge. Do you see my little helper watching over me?
Here's a closer look:

When our son was home from college, he managed to lose a sock in the laundry. It made a reappearance a few weeks later, attached to some sheets I had washed at the same time.
I put the sock in a safe place until my son came home for a visit.

The aloe blooms continue to provide pretty colors:

Dex is catching a few rare rays of sunshine

Here is the finished Mystery Quilt. It's a lovely pattern and very dramatic when done in neutrals.
The binding was rolled over from the backing and is a subtle mauve color:

Today it will be pushing 70 degrees outside. This is my collection of jackets, hats, scarves, and mittens. I never know which combination I'll have to use to go for my daily walks. lol

I tried my hand at making hand pies. They were a hit for supper!

The sky was gorgeous the morning I took this photo:

I got a farmer's box of fruits and vegetables in the mail. It's a part of a program for seniors that I get with my insurance plan and they send them out once per year. I love veggies like these! Kale and broccoli will only be eaten by me, so I don't have to share! hahaha

I am toying with making something odd with these poor old dolls that I got at a local thrift shop. I hope to make them into something very different and odd. Like me! hahaha

That's the latest for today. Until next time, enjoy the process and craft your heart out!

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

SO much STUFF!!!

Continuing on with the last of October's Abby Cartoons and one from November:

I got in another estate for the guild. Here is a before and after of my dining room and office:

The morning glories kept blooming, well into November:

Our last camping trip of the season:

I had been knitting this scarf for most of this year:
Then I dropped a stitch:
Since I do not know how to pick up knitted stitches, I undid the whole thing 
and crocheted it instead. 
I finished it a few days before Christmas and it's on its way north, as a gift.

Progress continues on the two year sock pattern:
I finished this scarf for charity giving:

My studio now has two chairs instead of the loveseat:

We have fires at home and I'm trying salmon cooked over a fire. It was pretty dang good!!!

I emptied my pantry and reorganized it. 
My counters were full of spices and odds and ends. 
A lot of old OLD stuff was tossed.

I made pumpkin pie from homemade pumpkin puree'. 

I made a deep dish apple pie from Arkansas Black Apples. 
They are almost as good as Macintosh apples for pie making.

A neighbor shared this with us. It was SO DANG GOOD!!! 
It's called Babka and is a traditional Jewish sweet bread.

I hired housecleaners for the first time in my life. They left my toilet paper rolls in style:

Ready for Thanksgiving dinner:
My son folded the napkins into little trees:

I had a lovely bouquet for the centerpiece of the table. It had gnomes in it too! hahaha

Our son's birthday followed Thanksgiving:

Here are the boxes for the auction for our quilt guild. After going through the two estates and one donation, I had two bins of fabric and two large bags of batting for our community service gals. I had FIFTY boxes of mostly fabric for donating to various charities, our free table, and auction. I also had 65 lots for our auction. This is a huge fundraising event we have, once per year at our quilt guild.
The city leaf sucking truck came by:
HEY! Look at that!!! I can see my studio table again!!!

And my Pfaff is put away for the holiday. Our tree goes on top of it.

And finally, our tree is up:

Happy Holidays to one and all!
Happy crafting too!