Sunday, September 12, 2021

Just hooking along...

 Crocheting goes slower than quilting. I just finished this scarf for a friend.

This shows the colors a little better:

Do you think Dexter is asking ME to get him his toy? hmmmmm
Morning glories are blooming, in spite of the heat we've had:
My daughter is moving out soon. She's been with us for five years. She's doing so much better now! There were a lot of health issues she has had to work through. Now she's ready to fly again! I will miss her terribly but am also happy for her to be taking the next step towards independence again.
In the process of helping her pack, we came across an afghan that my Mom, her Grandmother, knitted over 20 years ago. It has been well loved. If you look closely you might see a hole over on the left, near my right hand:
I do not knit. I crochet. I decided to unravel this and remake it in crocheted stitches. In the process I discovered a lot of things. The biggest lesson is that crocheting is different than knitting! hahahaha I ended up and was able to save a portion of the knitted part that Mom had done and I am restitching the rest by using crochet stitches. It will be a conglomeration of the two processes as well as the two women that have shaped my daughter's and her gramma. 

I am learning how to do mosaic crochet as well. I started working on this one and got lost. It is now a hot pad in the kitchen:

That's it for today. I'm just stitching away and watching bad movies. 
See you all next time!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2021

What goes around is square

  A number of years ago I made a quilt using this block design. I am presenting it to the guild as a challenge block when we next meet up. It's pretty simple but makes a nice quilt top when done.

I attempted to make meat pies the other night. I used canned roast beef, (not corned beef) hash and a slice of Swiss cheese in each. They were not too bad but I don't think I will make them again. I dunno why I like experimenting when cooking, but I do. I guess I get bored, making the same thing over and over.
I dug out the toy Singer that is from my husband's side of the family. I toyed with selling it. Get it? I TOYED with selling it! hahaha
With a little oil and help from The Mister, we got it running and even sewed a bit with it! I guess it will stay in the family a while longer.

I experimented in the kitchen again and made a blueberry cake with powdered sugar icing. The icing was too thick. The cake was delicious!
I am slowly sorting through all the orphan blocks I asked for, at the guild last month. I have this kit ready to go for a new challenge we are starting. 
The bowtie blocks were all hand sewn! I added some swan print green fabric and this will make a nice twin bed quilt someday.

That's all for today! Till next time, happy crafting y'all!

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

finishes and stuff

In early summer there is a crepe myrtle outside my window that blooms into wonderful flowers.
In fall and winter those blossoms have turned into food for the cardinals and blue jays.
I wonder if my houseplants are jealous?

I finished this wall hanging.
It's the first quilt that I have finished in a long long time. 

I've done more crocheting than quilting. I made this little scarf for a friend.

Dexter is ever vigilant, making sure I am doing everything the right way
. . . and probably watching for me to drop crumbs!

I actually finished a SECOND quilt! 
This one is a bed sized one.
This quilt actually sat on my quilting table, partially started, with a needle in the fabric, for months! I started it and just left it sitting there on the table, waiting for me to come back. The pattern is "Nordic Fireside" by Piecing the Past Quilts. I used a lot of colors that I normally don't work with. It wasn't a hard pattern, just the timing of the whole thing. I am happy to have it completed.

Uh-oh, I think Dexter is tired of waiting for me. 
Time to go. Until next time, happy crafting everyone!

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Playing with Fabric

I've been so busy in the studio. I asked the members of my quilt guild to donate orphan blocks. They responded with tons of blocks and odds and ends of fabrics:

I've sorted and sewn and cut and sorted some more.

I was surprised at how fun this has been for me!
I've been in a slump for over a year and working with these orphan blocks has been refreshing and inspiring. I will be making "Challenge Kits" to hand out at a future quilt guild meeting. Sadly our August meeting has just been canceled due to the uptick in Covid in our state. I guess this gives me more time to get more kits made!

I made a peach cake:
It was very easy and simple. It also was a magic cake as it disappeared quite quickly!
Peach Ricotta Cake
In a small bowl, whisk together 1 cup flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp salt. Set aside.
In a medium bowl, beat 2 eggs and 1 cup granulated sugar until light and fluffy. Add 1 tsp vanilla extract and 1/2 cup ricotta cheese and mix to combine. Add dry ingredients, half at a time, and mix.
Cut 1 peach in cubes and slice 1 peach. Fold in cubed peach into the batter. Spray a 6-inch springform pan with Pam. Spoon batter into the pan and arrange sliced peach on top.
Sprinkle with a bit of granulated sugar, and bake at 325 for 60-75 minutes. Dust it with some powdered sugar before serving.

If I make this again I will put one and a half peaches in the batter and only slice half a peach for the top.
I thought it tasted better the next day after sitting in the fridge overnight.

Till next time, happy crafting y'all! 

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Back in the saddle again....I hope!

It's been a long long time since I've posted anything. I am not sure if I will keep posting more here again, or not. I am posting for today though. I have lots to catch you up on.

This is about an eight inch square that I embroidered. I am not sure what I will do with it yet. Perhaps it will hang on the wall? Maybe a pillow? Maybe I will incorporate it in a quilt. I made it for my youngest because he's liked fox items in the past.

I finished another pair of socks. Sock making still give me fits. These are going to need to be modified some time in the future. They are too hard to get on and off.

I have gotten back into making some artsy/fartsy stuff again. This is just a collage of Flor tiles from their catalog. I like these. We have two rooms in dire need of new flooring. Perhaps one of these will be the pattern we pick?

This is a blanket I crocheted for my middle son. I'll be giving it to him for Christmas. It's good he never reads my blog! The photo is not very good. It's showing the blanket sideways. I hope he likes it.

For some reason, after losing my mojo in the quilting crafts, I picked up crocheting last year. I went on a buying frenzy and now have more than a lifetime supply of yarn. This is a goldfish bowl that I use for a yarn bowl. It works VERY well for what they call yarn cakes. 

This is the finished blanket that I made from the above yarn cake. I used three cakes of Lion Mandala Ombre yarn. It is self striping. This is a baby blanket I made for a friend of mine.

I made a wee heart and attached it to the middle to break up that square.

It's all packaged up and ready to send off to my friend.

Another crochet project I started is this Christmas blanket.

This is a crochet method called mosaic crocheting. I've never done it before.

I've had to frog out several rows to redo this part. I'm not sure if you can tell that the red parts were done wrong in the first photo. The second photo is much better, tho not perfect either!

Crocheting is great to take camping. It even goes well with S'mores. 

This is as far as I've gotten with the Christmas blanket. I hope to finish it before Christmas too. 

Early summer here and the Crepe Myrtles are in bloom. In winter they have berries that attract the birds. I am always getting some sort of show through my ONLY southern window.

Oh look! There is yet another crochet project! This one is really hard. I've never done most of the stitches that are being used on this one. Here you see the cable stitch being attached to the inner circle.

It's a bit odd looking and will be that way until it is finished and blocked. This stage is where it is transitioning from a circle to a square.

I love how the textures are showing up on this project.

The rounds take a long long time. I have learned so much from doing this project. I have more to do on it as well. I refuse to start another new project until I finish either this blanket or the Christmas one.

Look at that texture stitching in the corner. I never knew this was possible!

It's summer now and so blasted hot in the south. We did manage to go camping twice this spring but even then it was too hot already. Perhaps in late September it will be more tolerable. I hope so as we have reservations for camping then.
Roxy insistes on sitting in front of the fan just outside our camper door. She's one smart puppy!

I hope to see you again soon. I promise to really try to be more consistent. Please feel free to leave a comment so I know I am not alone out here. Thank you!

Till next good