Sunday, January 29, 2023

The fabric has been flying!!!

I've been insanely busy in the studio this past week. I completed several more quilt tops for our guild.
This one has ten blocks that were hand sewn and two that weren't.

Another one with a  variety of blocks:

I was auditioning fabrics for the borders on this next quilt top. On the left side were the fabrics I tried out and on the right side is the completed top. I ended up using the fabric shown on the bottom left of the photo on the left. I call this quilt the 'Easter' quilt because the border fabric has rabbits and a few Easter eggs in the print and the zig zag block in the middle reminds me of how an egg would be decorated.

This one was also just bits and dabs of all kinds of fabrics. 
Many people helped put this one together:

This one has been in the works for almost a year!
I had a devil of a time with the layout of it.
At last month's guild meeting there was a flower print on the freebie table.
It was the same flower print that had been used in some of the blocks!
I grabbed it and that is what I used for the border around the whole thing:
I have EIGHT quilt tops to turn in at the next meeting. . . so far!

All the folks that work on the kits I make for the Orphan Block Challenge, are entered in a drawing to win prizes. 
I recently found these items for future prizes:

There's a quilting journal,
a keychain,
and a pair of sewing themed socks!
I think the winners will enjoy these unique gifts.

In April I am going to a treadle sewing machine event. 
Everyone that is going has been asked to make a block using their older machines.
Here is mine:
TOGA stands for "TreadleOn Gathering and Academy"

I am taking my Mom's treadle cabinet and an old treadle machine that I bought a few years back. I hope to get it all put together and maybe even learn how to use it!
That's it for this time. 
Happy crafting to all!

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Fashionista time

Recently I stumbled across a sale for "Goddess" sized maxi dresses. They come from a company that uses recycled sari material. Each one is one of a kind. These are a silk blend and I look forward to wearing them this summer. They are so comfortable, except....the straps. I am not a fan of spaghetti straps and these were also too short and made the dress cut into my underarms. What to do?
This yellow one has a dark brown and yellow print in the back.
The blue-green and purple one is the same color from front to back.
Then it hit me. I have these silk scarves. I have had them for 20 years and never wore them or used them for anything. I am going to use these to remake the straps so I can wear the dresses comfortably. 
It's hard to see in the photos but the darker part of the green scarf actually looks ok with the dress. The gold one is perfect. I only have them draped here. I might just elongate the straps on the gold one and wear the scarf with it. That would cover my fat arms and look a little more classy I think.
Since I won't be wearing them till summer, I am not in any rush to work on these. 
Keep checking back in and perhaps you'll see what I end up doing!

I have started knitting a scarf. It's going much better than I expected! 
I hope to get it done for Christmas gift giving at the end of this year.

Can you believe someone turned in all these quilt blocks? 
They were nicely made and I have no clue why they were abandoned.
I am putting them together with corner stones and 
it will be given to our community service group for donating.

Part of my 'job' as Challenge Coordinator for my guild is to come up with some Block of the Month challenges. It isn't as easy as just picking a pattern and posting the directions! I test each and every block to be sure the directions read well and the colors work. Sometimes things just do not work out right. The block below was one of those times.
Ok, so I try another pattern. This one goes together well and it's ok-ish, but I don't like it either. I think the strips are too wide at 2.5". I will still use this pattern at a later date but I need to work on the colors to make this one more interesting.

Third time's a charm! Actually a shamrock. 
This will be a block for March. 
In fact, there will be two blocks for March this year. 
For the second block I made the one below and didn't like how it turned out. 
Then I got the idea to make all the pinwheels a neutral color. BINGO! This will work. 
Now all the blocks that are turned in should have some cohesiveness. 
I think the guild will like this pattern. 
I liked it so much that I made three of them.

Ever my faithful friend, Dexter is always telling me to slow down and relax a little bit more. 
On that note, I shall say bye for now and happy crafting to you all!

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Flying Fabrics

There are a bunch of projects happening in the studio these days. I have a lot of the orphan block quilts in various stages of completion. Here is one of them:

This one is ready to be quilted. The bowtie blocks were hand sewn!
Members added the green swan print fabric, the orange print, and the brown border under my directions.

This one is in the works and is currently on my design wall. 
I'm not sure where it will go from here.

I was playing around with these blocks and I just didn't care for it. I decided to make more nine-patch blocks to flesh it out some. You'll see it again someday.

This one was just finished last week! 
I like how it turned out.

This is a finished quilt that I made during the pandemic times. I gifted it to a young man who went to school with our son. He was very happy to have a nice quilt for winter!

This is another orphan block quilt top, ready to be quilted. Members all helped put it together after I decided the layouts. I do some sewing on these quilts and members do some. It's a group effort!

I tested a crochet pattern for a designer and made these two ear warmers:

I am still working on my knitting. It's slow but I am making progress.
Maybe next time I'll have a photo for you.

Meanwhile Dexter says it's time for a nap!

Till next time, happy crafting y'all!

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Work work work, FUN!

 It takes me forever to edit these pages. When I load the photos they end up all over the place. I am going to try something different and just write about each photo as they show up. Let's see how this works out!

These are orphan blocks that I've collected from my quilt guild members or made from scraps they've donated. I am working on a layout to turn this into a quilt.

I think I like the first one better than the one below.

For the umpteenth time for the past few years, I've been trying to relearn how to knit. Mom taught me how but it's been over 50 years ago and I've forgotten most of what she tried teaching me. I asked for and got new knitting needles from my guys and have tried again. I made progress! The bamboo needles have been easier for me to use than Mom's old slippery aluminum ones.

Here is another orphan block quilt. This one has been assembled and will be donated to our community outreach program for those in need.

Here are the results of a day of baking, just before Christmas. From left to right, starting at the top, Hello Dolly bars, pecan pie, peanut butter balls, and homemade cheesecake from scratch. 

Here is another orphan block quilt in progress. The photos are in reverse order. The one below is showing the next two borders that will be added. One is the black strip and the other is the brown paisley print.
I tried the striped fabric before deciding on the paisley fabric and didn't like it.
Note that the paisley fabric on the little chair below the quilt. That is the backside of my grandmother's flower garden quilt. I had leftovers and it inspired me to try that fabric for the border of the orphan quilt.

Here I was auditioning fabrics for the corners. As you can see, the dark reddish brown was the winner.

I crochet a LOT. Here is my latest hat:

My wooden snowman had an accident last year. He fell off a shelf and broke his nose. He also lost his hat in the process. My wonderful husband not only got all the pieces back together again, he repainted the whole thing. We collaborated on the buttons and hat trim. Sticks were donated by our oak trees.

This time of year seems to bring power outages. When one has that happen, one digs out her special neck lights so one can crochet. 

This photo is supposed to show that I won a game of "thread chicken" when sewing binding around a king size quilt. Those of you who quilt will know what I mean.

PHEW! That is all for today. It is New Year's Eve here. I am looking forward to a new year of crafting and rededicating myself to finishing UFO's. (unfinished objects) Hey, I hear some of you laughing out there!!! 

Till next time, happy crafting y'all and Happy New Year!!!