Thursday, April 2, 2020

Life goes on

I think Dexter wants to make a nest on the back of the sofa.
Such a silly dog.

I am still working on the sock.
It took another week to get from the photo above to the photo below:

I came across a bit of panda fabric that I had in the scrap bin. My daughter loves pandas, so I decided to make her a bag. I am trying different layouts before sewing the 'bricks' together:

On the design wall I have some of the "Quarantine Quilt" blocks and am checking the layout of the bag I am working on. I also have a panda panel that I am going to do something with. 
This will be for my silly daughter too.

I took a break to make bread for the family:

Roxy is helping me in the kitchen.

Oops, I woke her up!
"What Momma, what?"
She had a comfortable spot. She's laying on the air conditioner vent. 
It does make for a hot kitchen though!

I have a few more blocks done for the "Quarantine Quilt"

Here's a closeup. 

I was sitting on the sofa, petting Roxy, when Loki came up between us. I wish I could have captured the disgusted look on her face. She's turned up her nose at him for being so pushy!

That's it for today. Happy sewing y'all!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

On a happier note...

I appliqued this simple block as a part of a group of us making a quilt for someone. I also signed it but the thread matches the background so much that you can't see it. lol It is a lot more purple than the photo shows.

I am still working on my sock:
It took a while to get from the photo above to the photo below. 
This is about a week's worth of stitchery:
Slow but sure, eh? I hope I can keep going. This part is slow but easy. I still have the heel and a second sock to make too! One stitch at a time, one stitch at a time.

On the design wall are a few more of the charming blocks. I can't wait till I see them all put together someday.

I made another bag! For this one I used a few of my fabrics from the fabric that is more vintage looking. The lining is the same as the handles.

 As always, I added a pocket inside this one too.

I think it is quite charming!

 "Nordic Fireside" is still on the design wall. 
I am having trouble with the borders. 

I am not sure about putting that darker red fabric between the blocks with the green squares and the pointed blocks with the white speckles. It just doesn't seem right. I will have to give it more thought.
That's it for this posting. I will do another soon. Till then, happy sewing y'all!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

I won't give up!

I've tried to crochet socks several times in the past. I have not been successful at it yet. I am going to try again though, because I am stubborn like that. (music) "We've only just begun....."

The design wall has the "Nordic Fire" quilt and blocks from the "Simply Charming" quilt guild challenge. I am so tickled at how the charm blocks are turning out! I would love to win all the blocks myself and have that quilt when it's done!

Another guild challenge that starts next month is "Pickled Herring". This is a bag that is made with a pieced method that resembles a herring bone pattern; thus the name "Pickled Herring".
 It has a linen lining. The pattern didn't call for a pocket, but I have to have at least one pocket in the bags I make!
 I am so full of myself these days. I am LIKING the things I am making!

Spring is well underway here. We've had lots and LOTS of rain and dreary cloudy days. It is good for staying indoors and crafting. Looking out the windows is fun though. My plum trees are blooming.

The daffodils are done blooming, but if you look very closely you will see the irises are starting to show up.

Those tiny pinkish blossoms in the upper left, are our red bud trees, adding their colors to the mix.

This shrub looked a whole lot better a few weeks ago. I want to say it is a persimmon bush, but I am not sure. It always starts blooming in February. The bees were enjoying the heck out of it last week. Maybe it will fruit again this summer?

Loki says, "Alright Mom, it I want some attention now please."
Till next time, happy sewing y'all!

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Better late than never

I know, I know, I skipped TWO weeks of blogging. Shame on me, right? Did you even miss me? I'm sure you did. I missed you all!

Lots of things happened while I was playing hooky. My daughter bought me some flowers and my daffodils started blooming at the same time. I added a bunch of daffys to her bouquet. Oh my, those yellow flowers smelled SO much like spring.

 Back in the studio I am still plugging away at the Nordic Fire quilt. 

I also started working on another challenge for our quilt guild. This one is going to be called "Pickled Herring".  I named it that because it has a herring bone type of piecing.  It is sitting on my new wool pressing mat.

I made my pressing mat from scratch. I bought this Norwegian wool yarn at a thrift store a few years ago. It wasn't in the best of condition and it was very scratchy. I decided to crochet it into a new wool ironing mat.

Here it is before I washed it

It measured 37" long

It was almost 17" wide

The first time I washed and dried it, I got this much lint from it

 I washed it a second time and it had shrunk five whole inches!

It had shrunk 3" on the width
The process of washing and drying wool is called felting. Using a wool mat for pressing makes pressing quilt blocks a breeze. The wool acts almost like an iron on the underside of whatever you're pressing.  You don't need to use steam either. You can buy pre-made mats too. I have also bought 100% wool sweaters from thrift stores and felted them to use for pressing mats and pincushions. Pins and needles like wool.

Dexter is telling me to get going to the next topic

Here are the things that were on my design wall last weekend. 
The blocks on the right are part of the Nordic Fire quilt.

A week later I was auditioning fabrics for around those blocks. I didn't have enough of the fabric that the pattern called for, to use where needed.

I decided to improvise and used the red on both sides of the blocks. I like how this turned out.

Dexter says, "Are you done yet?"

I am not done yet Dexter. I am working on "Pickled Herring". Here are two panels of strips that are sewn in a herring bone pattern for this project:

Roxy says, "It's time to go outside and play. Are you done yet?"

Yes Roxy, I am done for today. 
Till next time, happy sewing y'all!

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Pie or cake?

I get in the mood to make things other than quilts sometimes. Last week I made a beef pot pie. I know other quilters that make pies too. They often decorate their pie tops. I've started doing this as well. According to my family, it doesn't improve the taste any because my pot pies are already awesome! I have a pretty nice family, don't ya think?

With the success of the pot pie on my mind, I turned to something sweeter. I had leftover gingerbread house pieces in the freezer. I ground them up in the blender and used them for the crust under this really good cheesecake! I am not one to brag, but this really was the best one I have ever made. The family says it is ok if I try to make an even better one though. (wink, wink) I even used real blueberries instead of canned blueberry pie filling. It really was yummy.

Back in the studio I am making steady progress on the "Nordic Fire" quilt. These borders are not attached yet. The pattern calls for narrow borders in-between the pieced borders. I haven't decided if I will do them in a matching fabric or a contrasting fabric. The pattern calls for contrasting. I am not sure I want to do that yet.

I am almost done with the first block in the "Flower Power" block challenge that I am making for my quilt guild. As I near the finish, there are so many ideas in my head for my own quilt pattern! One of these days I really need to follow through and design my very own appliqué quilt.

I took a few random photos of my work areas. These are the beginnings of the next round of borders on the "Nordic Fire" quilt.

The triangles below are next to my machine, waiting to be sewn. They will become flying geese patches. I am trying several different ways of making these as I really do not like the one where you end up with a gazillion triangles that you have to cut and toss.

That's it for today. I have a busy week ahead and lots more sewing that I want to try to fit in. Till next time, happy sewing y'all!