Thursday, September 17, 2020

Sock it to me

 Fun times!

I started this sock a long time ago. This is from March of this year. I think I started this several times before even getting to this point!

I got quite a ways along with this sock. The heel was to be added afterwards, according to the pattern. Looks pretty good, don't ya think?

I added the heel and then tried to put it on.
Crocheted socks don't have the 'give' that knitted socks do. I had to pull and tug and worried I was going to break the yarn before I finally got it on. Then I had to roll the cuff down because it was sagging away from my leg so much.
This just wasn't going to do. For the eleventieth time, I ripped out the sock all the way to the foot part and started again.

I needed another project to work on, that was more successful. I started doing a pullover top. Sadly, I didn't have enough yarn to even think about being able to finish this one. Off to the stores that sell yarn, I go.
Too light, too dark, too thin, too thick, too shiny, wrong fiber, oh my, what to do?
This color was almost perfect but in person, this was just totally wrong in texture.

Finally, I found the perfect yarn and
all was right with the world again. hahaha
Arkansas River at sunrise, from atop Petit Jean Mountain

This is a huge skein of yarn and it would work for my project!!! 

When I need a break I have been working on embroidery projects. 
This is one of my current ones:

The pattern is an old old one. I'm hoping to give this as a 
Christmas gift to my Panda loving daughter!

"I'm bored and hungry Mom."
Hang on Roxy, I'm almost done.

We've been redoing our college son's room while he's away for the semester. We put the instruments on the wall and downsized his bed from a full size to an XL twin size. This will give him a lot more room.
The dragon wall hanging was one I made for him many years ago. He was born in the year of the dragon. The blue quilt was a baby quilt I made for him. It will be covering the headboard when we get one for him. 

I made it into the studio last week! I finished the blocks and auditioned the sashing. I think the orange wins out. The other is just too dark. This is somewhat of a Halloween themed quilt.

My college son sent me this photo of his dashboard. I DID notice the odometer reading of 222,222, but I also noticed he was driving on the freeway when he took the photo. I mentioned to him that I didn't think that was the best idea he's ever had.

I was playing around with my cotton scraps and made two kitchen washcloths for my middle son for his new apartment.

I got my yarn-of-the-month last week too. This one is a sock yarn from It is so soft! I can hardly wait to try it out. OH, if you're interested, they have a fairly decent yarn of the month club. If you want to try it, let me know. I can give you a code for the first month at 50% off. They have two programs. One has two skeins and is $24.99 and one has one skein for $19.95. You'll get 50% off your first month and you can cancel at any time. Just let me know if you want ti give it a try...and yes, I get a free month for getting you to try it too!

With the sock yarn coming in the mail, I was inspired to go back to work on those socks. I made a different heel turn and shorter ribbed cuff. NOW they were easier to get on and off and they didn't gape around the leg either.
They look a lot more like socks and boy are they warm! I learned a lot from these and the other two pairs I've done recently. I hope my forth pair are even better! I'm working on Halloween ones, so I best quit writing on here and get back to work!

Come on Roxy, let's go! 

Oh Roxy, did you get tired of waiting for me?

Till next time, happy sewing or crocheting or creating y'all!

Friday, September 4, 2020

Yarn, yarn, yarn, yawn...

Oh boy, what a flurry of events since I last posted! One son that moved in with us in late April, moved back out after getting a new job and his own apartment. It was nice having him around, but we sure were crowded!

My youngest son went back to college. Because of covid, he can't come back and forth on the weekends now. I miss him as well. He sent me this photo from an overlook that is near the college. That's the Arkansas River way down below him.

Remember these socks from last month?
I finished them! They are actually usable too!

These were my first socks. (below) The top one is how they looked when I finished them the first time and the bottom one has half the sock undone and rolled into a ball. I am going to redo them both so they fit better.

I am also experimenting with making clothing that I hope to actually wear!

This will be a sleeveless tunic style top. I am making this first one with 'junque' yarn before using the nicer stuff for better quality items. 

In between times I have had my adventures. This is one of the lights by our front door. Do you see anything wrong here?
How about now?
I had walked by and felt a sting on the back of my neck! One little sucker got me. I got even. They've been evicted.

After that nastiness, how about a little beauty?

I can't believe it, but I have Morning Glories blooming! I didn't even know they had come back this year. hahaha. I need to get some more seeds to add to this area so they come back again next year.

Let's go back to crocheting socks. Here is yet another pair I worked on. This is a progress photo:
And just today I finished them! I am starting to feel proud of my crocheting. It's giving me some confidence when they start turning out better as I make each pair. I have more yarn and hope to make even  more socks. 

Dexter is waiting for me. He isn't interested in a pair of socks.

I'll get back to sewing again someday. For now, yarn has been the right project. 

Till next time, happy sewing or crocheting y'all.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Silly Summer Stuff

Loki is our biggest dog. He's about 65 pounds. At night he crawls between us to sleep for a little while. Later he always leaves and goes into his own bed on the floor. He stays for an hour or so with us watching TV, and him sleeping soundly. He often dreams doggie dreams. One night he was making a strange noise as he dreamed and when I looked over I saw this: 
He was nursing in his sleep! He's only a little over two years old. I guess it takes a long time for the puppy to grow out of the dog. It was so stinkin' cute too!

I have the top done for my wallhanging for my husband. We are silly in this household and I often sing "You are my Sunshine" to him. When I saw this panel, I had to get it and make a wallhanging.

This is something I make for the whole family and it is very much loved too. Homemade chicken pot pie! I like doing the extra decorative cutouts on the top, just to be fancy and to show off. 

Roxy is watching me. She probably wants something. Those blue eyes can be quite mesmerizing. 

We have our junk foods that we like now and then. These canned tamales are one of my husband's favorite. It has been months and months since we've been able to get them! I put them on every grocery order and even tried several different stores. Amazon had them at a premium price but sold out in a few weeks time too. When I got groceries last week, the tamales had magically appeared! Yippee!!!

I am almost done with my second pair of socks. This pattern is going better. I still have so much to learn about making them fit right. At least there are several sizes of feet in the family and these will fit my husband just fine.

That's it for today. Not much sewing has been going on. I've been concentrating on sock making and some hand embroidery. Those things are slow going. I like how they turn out though. It makes the time taken, well worth the end result.

Till next time, happy sewing y'all!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

What Time is It?

It's quilty clock time! I am loving this new clock in my studio. It not only tells the time,  it has humidity and temperature gauges too. It is a teal color and makes me smile every time I check to see what time it is.

I finished another mask. It fits ok-ish.
To make a better fit, I later redid the top seam and put in a nose wire. I used this fleece binding. It actually works quite well and cushions the fabric against my face.

"Mommy, what doing?"
"Oh Dexter, I need to update my blog. Just give me a few more minutes, ok?"

We've been using curbside grocery pickup for several months now. Four out of the five of us here, are high risk if we catch the virus. Not going into the store isn't so bad and I think I actually save money since I don't impulse buy. The bad thing has been the produce. I get the feeling that most of the stores just let anyone pick out groceries with little training on quality. I am more picky than the person doing the picking. 
Take these strawberries for example. Please, take them . . . away! I think there were five that were edible towards the bottom. The rest were hard and just not worth saving.

One of our quilt guild members had come to the USA last year with her husband and had planned to travel all over our country. The virus changes plans for us all and she and her husband are headed back to New Zealand. Everyone in the guild is making them a house block to remember us. I did this paper pieced one:

I made a little progress on my second Quarantine Quilt. I am fussy cutting some of my macabre fabrics. I love the Ghastly line but until now, I hadn't thought of a way to use it. The backgrounds are all blue batiks from a layer cake I had laying around in the studio.

"Mom, am bored. Done yet?"
"Almost Dexter, and quit draping yourself over the armrest of the sofa!
You're setting a bad example for Roxy."

We have only one window that faces south. The Crepe Myrtles are in full bloom. I love how they look like they are coming right into the window! This one is a deep pink color:

A closeup:

I got this recipe off a friend's posting on FaceBook. It's simple, fast, and yummy! There are two cans of cinnamon rolls, cut up into quarters, a half cup of chopped walnuts or pecans, and it's mixed with a can of apple pie filling. Spread this into a 9x13 cake pan and bake at 350 for 45 minutes. Pour cinnamon roll icing from the tube of dough, over the top. Serve warm.

I sit here in my favorite chair and look out my patio door. There are three different plants blooming out this door. The big grape clusters of a white Crepe Myrtle are in the back. The delicate pink blossoms of the Mimosa tree are in the middle. The purple and white Rose of Sharons are in the foreground.

This is yet another mask pattern I've tried:
It has the pleats oriented vertically instead of the more common horizontal settings. It tends to keep the fabric away from my mouth and nose better. I still think a nose wire would be best and hope to modify this one to include one.

My daughter loves Pandas. I found this fabric panel and made her a wall hanging for her office:

The label:

"Done yet?"
"Shhhhh Dex. Almost. Hang on!"

Remember back a few months ago when I swore I would never crochet socks again? Well, a friend named Margi teased me into trying a 'Sock-a-long'. It's like a block of the month in quilting, only with yarn. I could not resist trying one more time. I started with this Kroy FX Sock Yarn in copper. It took days and days to get the gauge right. I've never done a test swatch but the future of my sock making career was on the line!
I will keep you all posted on my success. I won't say "or lack of success" because I shall be stubborn and I WILL make more socks. Not just one pair, either!!! Stay tuned.

"Now Mom?"
Yes Dexter, I am now done for this time. I hope everyone enjoyed peeking into my little corner of the world. Till next time, stay healthy, AND happy sewing y'all!