Monday, March 5, 2007

Not as productive as I wished

I mean, ya, I have been doing 'stuff', but it's not the stuff I want to do! Here is a synopsis of today:

This is hubby's tunic for renfaire. It has a long ways to go. Tommy has a matching one that I just put into the washing machine tonight and it is almost done.

Here is Tommy's wool cape for renfaire that is almost done. I only have to tack on the furry collar.

This is the tire cover I am painting for our motor home. The blue is really royal purple.

Finally, here is my sewing buddy, Gary. :)


Charl said...

I can't believe how big Tommy is getting! I scrolled through the rest of the blog also and I love your fairy -- I'm still spending time being intimidated by mine, but I love seeing how you're putting yours together. I can't wait to see what it looks like completed as it's beautiful now!

Dreamspinner Cheryl said...

Tommy is a cutie-but, you're right NO ONE can compete with Gary!!

Tres' cute!!