Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Avoiding the sweatshop feeling

It will soon be in the 90's during the daytime here. I know I won't sew as much in the heat. I need to put a room air conditioner on my wish list!
I am still working on costume pieces. They are almost done. I have the cuffs to do on both hubby's new shirts and the hem on one of them. I also have a tiny bit of hand sewing to do on the two chemises. I also have hat bands to make, several with big ostrich feathers attached! I did the first go-around on the green and greener UFO quilt too, yesterday.

Thank you everyone, who posts comments on my blog! It DOES mean a lot to get some feedback now and then. Creative feedback is welcomed too!
Oh, and someone asked about affording the Horn cabinet with hubby being laid off? Well I had sold a rare book for $145 so I used that to buy the cabinet. Clever, ain't I? lol!

Lastly but not least, here is the final dog block I received yesterday from Ali: Thanks to all who helped, between yours and mine I have over 20 blocks to send in! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Whats New said...

Your amazing..sewing machine! It is looking great.