Friday, May 18, 2007

Sewing, sewing, sewing, keep them doggies sewing, RAWHIDE!!!

My fingers are getting a tad raw, as well as the hide on my butt! We've made nine hats, two chemises, and two shirts this past week. I think I was in the studio for five or more hours today! Most all costume pieces are now done, just needing a few finishing touches. I am exhausted! How can sitting on your duff, sewing all day, be SO tiring!!!???
I also dug out the cut blocks for the UFO, 'Green and Greener.' (simple block squares in two patterns in center of mess below) I plan to start piecing that into rows this weekend.
AND tonight, I bought myself a gently used Horn sewing cabinet for $125! WooHoo!!! We will pick it up tomorrow. If you don't know, these things go for over a grand when purchased brand new!
Now off to watch some tv and rest on the sofa...while I relax, doing hand sewing. I never seem to get away from sewing! lol But I do love it! :)

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Whats New said...

that is totally awesome...ENJOY