Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

What a fitting way to celebrate Mother's Day this year! I finished the little memorial quilt to honor my Mom. She was the first female letter carrier in Fairmont, Minnesota back in the 1960's. The center photo is of her on her first day of work. Several sweet friends donated fabrics to use on this quilt and I think I DID get them all on there! There is a FQ of stamps fabric for backing as well as all the fabrics on the front. I also was gifted with prints of stamps, post mark stamps, and embroidered mail related charms. Thank you all! And thanks Mom, for inspiring me still, even though you've been gone for almost ten years now. I still love you and miss you.


~Vix~ said...

Ohhh it turned out super!!! Your Mom would be so proud of you honoring her this way! Hugs, Vix

Charl said...

absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure your Mom would be proud.